Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Hehehehe the boys took it easy while we got on real well with the inside of 'hers'....one wall and the ends of the front and back done....l think all of the furniture in that l want....except one long narrow table

ceiling will be half done tomorrow then Pmacs' turn to get a wall done
Not sure how much more will be done to the remaining insulation and boarding on 'hers' before the weekend

I was wanting it all white inside all the furnishings are birch right now and not sure about painting it all......so maybe l'll just paint the panels and leave the birch bookcases and cube unit desk and table....need to think on that one for now

Nite all sweet dreams.....my feet/legs are killing me and l'm real tired acually l'm totally knackered lol and another early start tomorrow get as much done as poss

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