Thursday, 27 August 2009


1st wall of insulation, boarding and shelving painted and papered.....just need to fill the shelves now...1 down 3 more to go....real happy and a big hug for Pmacs and all his hard work love ya lots and lots
thanks xxxxxxx
1st craft box unit out of the house and the dining room will need to replace it with something though...ooooh more shopping hehehe......and in it's place under the window in 'Suz Shed'
The Table l will sew at and make jewellery and paper craft...pretty well everything really lol
I'm sure it will never look like this again lol so many boxes of craft stash to be sorted and added to these book cases

Mr T has found his spot!!!!

Wire shelf with the coffee jars awaitng decoration against the 1st panel of Millie wallpaper between the book cases......these are still to be attached to the wall some how......adore this wallpaper
Laminate went down really quick once Pmacs was in charge...managed a couple of rows on my own while Pmacs did the cable to the sheds from the house
And was great to get to the last row and all that needed to be cut off was the lip.....made life easy
Third injury of the week 1st was a smack with the bookcase giving me 2 lovely bruises above my knee and the 2nd was a shelf dropped corner down and hit the top of my foot...bit of eye leakage over that one........l'll stay out of the way hey Pmacs? lol

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