Friday, 8 January 2010


Poor Phil had to go back to work today and it's -10 around here this morning
think l'll just stay in bed and make plans!!
James is hoping to finish early again today because of the snow and come home again for the weekend
The front of the bungalow is very plain so maybe we will add a small porch or a bay window or windows to the ground!!!...mmmmm lots of ideas
Can't stop planning!! hehe
possible remodelled frontage of the maybe new home!!...did l say l was excited? hehe


  1. Hey, why don't you just buy some land and do a self build? lol!
    Seriously, love your ideas I bet your so excited.
    Nicky x

  2. How very exciting for you! I hope it all comes to pass and you get to revamp to your heart's content.

    How do you make those collage pictures? Do you use Photoshop Elements or something (cuz I have that program)? I really like how it looks. I should just play around with it, but if you have got some tips, I'd love to hear them. *Ü*

    Stay warm and safe!

  3. Best wishes for the new home. Your ideas are awesome. It would be hard to pick just one.

  4. Wow your energy is fantastic. I hope all your dreams come to fruition and you can let your creative side loose!

  5. thanks all just need to sell this house and we would stand a good chance of getting the bungalow....crossing everything right now....and praying hard
    if it's meant to be it will be!!
    Hugs ALL Suz xx