Sunday, 9 May 2010


Everyone including Mr T was saying slow down and take a break yesterday hehe
Mr T took over the box sorting for me

took him hours it did!!! lol
Cat flap was added but no replacement for the fake stained glass panel so l'll save the ta-dah moment for the day it's done
So l had a catch up in blogland and then thought l'd have 5 minutes on the sofa....and only 5 minutes it was
James rang to say 'is the shepherds pie done l'm on my way' up l jump and off to use the sparkling new cooker.....and you do understand l'm no cook but l can throw a couple of things together that are edible and quite tasty and l usually get a compliment or two for them Shepherds pie being James favourite and one of my best hehehe
Loving the new oven it has a wire tray on the door for the middle position of the oven so as the door opens the cooked food come out so it's easy to get at.....brill idea
gravy spilt on my new oven....aaaarrrrrrgghhhh!! hehe

we all enjoyed this for tea full of carrots and mushrooms and mince and lots of yummy gravy topped with onion and herb mash...yum
Followed by a chocolate trifle that James picked up from our corner shop....Tesco 
sorry no picture it wasn't around long enough for that!!! hehehe

Sun is shining this morning after a rainy day yesterday.....might try and get in the garden and splash a bit of colour around out a temporary measure until l can re design it

Yep plans for the outside space are creating chaos in my head too!!!


  1. ooohhhh shepherds pie!!yummy, be there for one o'clock for mine!!lol, looks fantastic suz, bet your head is buzzing with things, hopefully you should get in your garden, no rain yet!!have lovely day


  2. Yum yum. That looks really scrummy. :-)
    A x