Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Packed away the Christmas decorations scrapped the melted wax off the mantle and ended up tidying my work room to be creative again now
Do you have a lot of these...
 unfinished experiments?....
really don't know what to do with them all even starting to pile up on my chair too!
Tidied up a few scrappy half balls into neat little rounds with the winder
But what to make with them now?

Over night remake was mostly done before l slept lol.....lights out at 10 last night....and l finished the last 4 rows at 5 when the alarm went l do sleep girls lol
l told you it made up quickly using the 12mm hook

been looking at what l've made over the last 18months and what l like the best
circles are some of my favourites..along with flowers of course

made a lot of these simple scarf/necklaces too warm and versatile..
and fun....
felted beads are an interesting playtime along with felted rings...

cowls a very quick project and make great presents 

this blue one went to a friends Mum for Christmas
and l've made rows and rows of
this one is a real favourite and great when they are layered with simple stars
one of my favourite blankets....
lots of luverly colours and l didn't get bored making it either!
and ooops not even sure where this one is right now?
couple of interesting experiments that l never did anything with.....and we are only up to July
hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.....

Really should finish some of the unfinished 2010 projects in 2011
but l think l said SOMETHING SIMILAR last new year too! lol

Enjoy your evening hugs to all xx


  1. Oh Suz they are all fabulous, beautiful colours and such pretty patterns, I need to get back into crocheting. I'm missing it now after seeing all your beautiful photos.

  2. Suz, how have you been? Do you have a pattern for those beautiful necklaces? They would make great gifts.

  3. Beautiful projects,I love them all- really enjoyed seeing them all x

  4. Marg...glad to hear l've inspired you to take up the hook
    Debbie..l have mailed you but simplly a chain st with 4 different yarns and a crochet felted plastic bangle or a puff l used for the exotic flowers many more than l like only half done unfortunately!!
    Thanks all...Hugs Suz x

  5. Beautiful, all these colours.
    Really love them all!
    Good luck with everything.

    Greetings Melissa

  6. Suz I love all your projects but I really love that flowery blanket and the circles in squares. Where could I get that pattern from?

  7. Gosh, you produce a lot of work don't you. I love those little flowers. And your blue blanket in the last post is better for the rework - it'll have a lovely drape now it's done on a big hook. Lovely colours too.

  8. Hello Suz,
    You can use the pic! I'am proud of it!.... so its oke!
    Thanks for asking(and the link) and I'am looking forward to your cushion!!


  9. I just so love all that colour

  10. Thanks everyone and particularly Claire
    Victoria...lots more than show in boxes in my work room lol
    Hazel l've mailed you
    Hugs to all xx