Thursday, 24 March 2011

Brupbrup and blankets

Yesterday evening all of a sudden Brupbrup shot off the chair and sat in front of the TV....a programme about bird song and the differences between country and town birds and how they don't recognise each others song.......
Brupbrup recognised both..even if the actual birds didn't!
Visitors stopped play..well only a bit, and we had a lovely lunch outside and it's not even April yet!
Another lovely day again today so all the washing will be completely finished dried outside, folded and put away by bed time tonight..lovely!
Good progress with NooNoo's blanket too
24 blooms needed to finish the last round and l'm making them in bulk...4 in each of 6 colours mostly yellow but some orange and a smattering of green
2 Attached and 22 in the making....hoping to be at least half way round by tonight but must do some gardening today before the weather turns again

Some comments about my lone Daffodil in a very large
not sure why it was there even!
But made me feel like Spring is definitely around the corner..such a cheery colour aren't they?
"Daffodils" (1804)
I WANDER'D lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.........

Pleased to say there are lots more in the front garden all waving at us
Have a terrific Thursday everyone
hugs x


  1. LOL at your cat. You know, ours does the same whenever there's a movie with Roger Moore on! She has the hots for him I'm sure, always meowing at him. Hahaha! Good luck on the blanket.

  2. Thanks calling first though lol
    Gorgeous outside right now
    Hugs X

  3. You have a black cat!!! Aren't they great? :) Pantera (mine) is a funny gal too :) they're such good companions...

  4. The pictures of the kitty watching the telly are classic. I must ask though, Brupbrup??? How on earth did you get that name? Flowers are lovely, both the yarny and the natural!!!!

  5. My brother's cat will sit through whole episodes of wildlife programmes I'm sure Suz's cat is called Brupbrup because of the noise she makes? If you make this noise to your cat they come running looking all happy to see you. I also breed pedigree x cats and mum will use this kind of noise to call her babies :)

  6. I know your blog by icrochet. I look at it for the first time and I love it. can I present it on mine in "a sunday a blog". It will be know in France, it's so wonderfull
    Thanks, have a good day

  7. You are SO prolific with your crochet! How many hours a day do you suppose you devote to it? Loving your flowers for this blanket. And the greens and blues on the earlier post. LOVE.

  8. Brupbrup looks like a character. Love the colours in the blanket. But I think I have said that before and the daffodil is stunning.

  9. That's one smart kitty cat you've got there! I'm just soooo in love with the flowers cause they are remarkable and don't they remind you of Spring/Summer?

    Hugs XX

  10. My husband wondered what the heck was wrong with me when I looked over at our cat snoozing by the fire and went.. BRUPBRUP! Nothing.. again.. nothing. Doesn't work on my cat! LOL

    Suz, just love your van blankie.. hubby's been looking on Craigslist for VW buses for us.. he found a 21 window one for $49,000!!! Egads! Spendy!

    Thanks for sharing your Spring as it's rubbish here, cold and wet.

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  11. How cute! Your cat must have wanted to catch the bird.

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  12. oh I just love the photos of your kitty!!! Wonderful flowers.... and your afghan flowers are beautiful!!! Loved your post... Debb

  13. Thanks all...Rachael..your right his name was Cole ut he sounded so like a phone we called him Brupbrup lol
    Asht...l can't see your blog?...mail me if l could see it l would be pleased to be included on your blog..thanks
    Hugs to all xx