Monday, 12 September 2011

Bobble Stitch Hexagon 2 new colour ways and an Apology

First of all l must apologise for forgetting to say yesterday about the working blind or from the back of the work with round 4 of the New Bobble Hexagon Pattern, it is correct now 
I'm so sorry, too much in my head at the moment l think lol
l do it automatically now and just forgot to say...sorry if you took a copy

Couple of new colour ways for you today and a HUGE THANKS hundreds of people looked at the pattern l'm chuffed to bits you like it so much
 A lovely soft colouring to go with our new bed linen
 and one to go with my Ripple Blanket
Bit nervous this morning.....l transferred all my collage pictures onto a storage card
and DELETED them from my laptop well over 3500 of them, lost count after 3000 so it could be over 4000 but who's counting hehe

Been saying l should do it for months my only concern was they all disappeared from my blog too hehehe...l'm not a techie at all this and still get frightened about things to do with the computer...
l was a late starter at all this tech stuff 

Only just worked out how to add the little picture and blog list to the side bar still a wip but at least l know how now lol...much more at home with a hook and a ball of wool 

Have a Marvellous Monday everyone

Phil's gone back to work sad to say and l'm hiding from the driers with my favourite pass time
see if l can create another new square or finish one of those WIP projects l have piling up

Hugs xx


  1. Wow this pattern is so lovely, looks really, really beautiful & the colors are just the best :D
    Karen x

  2. I really love these new hexagons Suz and the pink colourway is really pretty.
    A x

  3. Oh Suz - those hexagons are just luscious!! I just might have to have a go at those. x Jo

  4. Hi Suz, i have been reading your blog for a while and i just l-o-v-e your crochet and crafty projects. I would love to learn to crochet, any tips for a beginer, size of hook, internet source to learn from etc? Have a great day Mantha xx

  5. Hola. Preciosa combinaciĆ³n de colores¡¡
    Un saludo.

  6. Hello Sue,

    You have such a great blog, very inspiring xox Aree

  7. gorgeous design! I will have to try this for SURE!

    Computer stuff makes me nervous too but I'm always so proud of myself once I've accomplished something new on it. Way to go saving all those photos Suz!

  8. Suz, I just love this pattern, you are so creative. I am hiding from finishing an evaluation on a child I am seeing. Blog reading is so much more fun, Happy Monday,

  9. This is so pretty, Suz! Thanks for the pattern in your previous post. You have been busy-busy-busy as usual! Hugs.

  10. Huge Thanks to all
    Looking at the stats on my blog hundreds have looked at the pattern posting..hope to see a few variations on the colours soon..quite exciting seeing how different people interpret a new pattern lol

  11. This is soooooo beautiful! Love that ripple! Off to check your blog see if I can get more pics... Tks for the pattern!

  12. Hi Suz

    !! wow!! beatiful I love all these colors and the hexagons.
    Thks to share this with us.