Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Have you seen the PRINCETTIA yet?

Local supermarket had lots in and l couldn't resist a pale pink one
such a pretty colour..and only need watering once a fortnight in the Autumn/ winter and they can last for 6 months..WOW! what a bargain? 
Sunday night John the tiler left with just a couple of tiles to do each side of the dining room doors which needed removing for him to finish off the floor
With almost all the floor tiles are down, Phil and l got up real early yesterday and put back the removed kitchen units, and John came back at 4.30 to do the last couple of tiles.
Coming back on Wednesday night to do the tiled skirting..we ran out of tiles for that lol

Really starting to feel like home again
 Phil used a car jack to lift the slightly dropped units and got them all level again and we added a 300 unit to the end of the cooker it filled the space perfectly, although we thought it would over hang by 5mil it actually was EXACTLY to the end of the wall...how lucky was that?


Really LOVE this sort of look in the dining room...smaller scale obviously hehe 
 A round white table would fit the space a bit better and 4 different coloured chairs would look very colourful

Love the TULIP TABLE Eero Sarrinen Designed in the 1950's, believe it or not, and l wish l could afford an original but they sell for thousands, not something we can afford
But VERTIGO INTERIORS do a repro we could afford
not sure l want the 'set' though although l do love the matching Tulip chairs

Another design classic l LOVE from the 1960's the original 'S' chair called THE PANTON CHAIR after the
Danish designer VERNER PANTON

and they come in all the colours l want from VERTIGO INTERIORS

Love the CHARLES AND RAY EAMES chairs too...also a repro at VERTIGO INTERIORS

Still feeling the 4 different coloured chairs are more me

Ikea do a version of the TULIP too at a very reasonable £115 
I would sell my dining room table and chairs to help pay for the new, but still pondering on this one for now
What do you think.... Keep the old or go for the new look?

for Annie , M, B, and the Twins..all back together again, M is back on the maternity ward with the babies again..Annie thanks everyone for their good vibes

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs to all xx


  1. I love the Vertigo one with the marble top and different coloured chairs would look great. Go on, treat yourself!

  2. I am hopeless at interior design Suz - I know your choice will be just fab - looking good so far! Life seems good today! x Jo

  3. Love all the colors of chairs. Glad things are getting put back in your house, and terriffic news about your friend. Will continue to send good wishes to all.

  4. I also totally love the marble topped one. It makes the modern design more organic and the shape is classic. I wouldn't settle for the IKEA one as it doesn't have to lovely curves. I hope you get the marble one and get 4 different colored chairs... and the Princettia is gooooorgeous!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Glad M is on the mend, she's been on my mind as i've gone about my day to day. Colour chair idea is a fab one. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

  6. I'm always trying to decide if I should paint my wooden chairs all different colours, I have the same colour table as you but my chairs are the wooden colour, I can never decide. Those tulip chairs are so cute and you could even crochet some cushions for them that would just be awesome. xx

  7. Hi Suz. Does everyone in UK have their washing machines in the kitchen? It seems that most do. You are such a doer!!!!!