Tuesday, 17 July 2012


All the projects are completed and posted....although no feed back yet so fingers crossed

It's the last two weeks of written text to do and then...who knows?

Writing a Crochet Book has not been an easy task for me....
It has been six months of ups and downs, lots of self doubt and a few terrifying moments and a number sleepless nights. 
But, most of all a great sense of achievement, I was so close to giving up on more than one occasion, 
I can tell you. So glad I gave it a go.

Now, almost at the end of a journey, I will be able to look back on it all and say most of it 
was a lot of fun.

Only down side is sitting for 16hours a day crocheting like mad....well shall we say I won't be asking does my bum look big in this?...DON'T ANSWER THAT.

There is a lot of decorating to do, my garden is groaning under the weeds, the pile of to-do sewing has grown to a mountainous size and 
my own crochet projects are screaming to get out of my head.
My craft room?........a disaster area 
Can't wait to get back to on-line friends, blogging daily and sharing a few ideas

Not a related picture, just a splash of colour to share.
 A new towel, actually more of a sheet really.
 It's huge and great inspiration for a new crochet project don't you think?
My new shopper, Phil bought me for my Birthday a few weeks back.
Adore all the colours.

bye for now.

Hugs to all xx
Hoping to share a few patterns with friends  in August

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