Sunday, 10 February 2013

Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Been having lots of fun mixing and matching clothes for our holiday
I saw a 16 garment capsule on Pintrest that would give 40 outfits, so tried to make up my own version

I'm afraid right now I have about 20/22 items but had a lot of fun with all the outfits and picking what goes with what...
1:black and white stripe t shirt
2: black and white t shirt/dress
3:black top
4:silver top
5:blue cardy
6:jade parka
7:black and white trousers
8:white trousers
9:blue trousers
10:black and white striped skirt
11:black and white scarf/wrap
various necklaces
1: Multi stripe t shirt
2: jade parka
3:white trousers
4: red trousers
5:red top
6: red cardy
7:black waterfall jacket
8:white shorts
9: Black and white scarf/wrap
10: purple turquoise beige scarf/wrap
various necklaces
1: black top
2:black and white striped skirt
3:black and white striped t shirt/dress
4:black and white print trousers
5:black trousers
6:beige cardy
7:black and white striped skirt
8:black skirt
9:black waterfall jacket
black sandals and various necklaces
1:red top
2:gold bound print dress
3:multi stripe t shirt
4: red vest
5: red waterfall cardy
6:red trousers
7:cream shirt
8:white trousers
various necklaces, scarf, broaches
A metalic shoulder bag and one small evening bag
all these variations and there are many more, plus a couple of items I haven't shown
5 tops
5 cardy /jackets
5 trousers
1 shorts
1 skirt
2 dresses
2 scarves that make wraps,one swim suit and several necklaces and other pieces of jewellery
I have 3 healed and 3 flat shoes/sandals
most outfits can be dresses up or down for all occasions
Not weighed it all yet so hoping it will all fit in other than what I will wear to travel in

hugs to all xx


  1. Suz, you'd look good with a potato sack on your head!(that's a Scottish compliment,btw, meaning you're fabulous looking already without stressing about what to wear!).All looking good from here. Swimsuits?M&S have some lovely ones in at the moment.Happy packing.:-)

    1. hi hahaha..too kind lol, a black and white swisuit I already have, not sure if the pools are heated on the ship, if they aren't I wont be swimming so only taking one. The wraps double up as scarves.
      So excited I just can't wait lol
      Hugs x

  2. It look like you're all set! Everytime I take that many clothes, I bring back half unworn, but at least you'll be prepared! Do leave room in your luggage for buying new things on you holiday! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hi Teresa....Needed to be organised Phil's sister is coming to cat sit so lots to sort.
      Only a 20kg weight so something will have to be left I'm sure,lol
      No money left to spend after booking holiday early, well maybe only a little spend lol
      Hugs x

  3. Such fun!! What a fab capsule wardrobe you have. I think I would need a BIG spending spree before I could manage that! x Jo

    1. Hi Jo..ig has been I always do a capsule for hols keeps the spending down, use what i have mostly, always in reasonable nick as i don't go anywhere these days lol
      Hugs xx

  4. I love the blue/green combi best, then the black/white set next, think they'd suit your colouring best must be the most organised person I know! Hope you have a fab time..take photos for us so we can have a bit of sun 'n' fun in our day too! xx

    1. Hi...I have to work hard at being organised I'm afraid.....although with the cruise situation at the moment we may not be able to go. Such a sad situation for all. Thoughts to the crew who lost their lives and for those seriously injured.
      If we do go I will be sure to take pictures hugs x