Thursday, 19 May 2016

Magic Yarn Balls INFO: how and what......

Having started a pair of socks from odd mini balls of sock wool got me to thinking about all the other mini balls of left over yarn I have...100's!
nothing over 10g in this little lot.....but after making a magic ball or two from some of my left over yarns

I like 5g balls best...more colour changes

creative crochet and knits all very original never to be repeated or seen any where as we all have different left overs to make magic balls with. 

A project to use the 15 Minute Rule 
Tie all the ends together in one big ball of useable yarn and make yourself a fabulous and original blanket....or make something at least.

I made 100g balls to start with but think 50g are better

 50g Magic balls of left over yarns

All you need to know about magic yarn balls and what to make on this post...
I love the randomness and individuality of the magic ball projects

Want to use up all those little left over balls of yarn?

Click on each of the links below to give you all you need to know: How to make the Magic Yarn Ball and then some suggested and awesome hats, scarves, blankets or socks...

Magic Yarn Balls

Tiny Purrs Blog

Magic Ball Knitting

Fabulous blog post from 
Chasing Centuras

Magic Ball Crochet and Knitting

The earliest Blog post about Magic Yarn Balls and blanket making, I could find....
 is this one from
A Blog Crazy Crocheting Fool 
in 2008, if you know of any blog post before this one let me know


What to make with them is the tricky part, making the balls was very relaxing
I started with a triangle, but hated it the 10g balls were too big, needed more colour changes
so re-think!!!
Tried mixing two of the magic balls together, happier with the outcome colour wise but chunky weight so not good for wearables really, great for a rug or cushion though

maybe a Rhombus bag?
UPDATE: it turned into a bigger project still to be joined together but very happy with all the left overs as a fab throw like this


  1. Hey Sue, I would love,love,love to make this triangle blanket. Maybe I;m going crazy, but can't find the pattern. Please help!! Thanks Sue!!

    1. Hi Diane, might be there isn't one! xx

    2. Don't remember doing one lol xx

    3. cant find one either so definitely didn't do a pattern sorry xx