Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Harrogate Sox..mark 2

Just couldn't wait until i got back to try the next version of my tube sox, 
so on a visit to Harrogate yesterday I looked out for a wool shop...eventually found 
Samuel Taylor's
in Commercial Street that did some Sock Yarns
Bought 2 different yarns but using this Bergere sock yarn and I bought a 3.5 hook, 
not the hook it says but i didn't want it too tight a stitch.

The 3mm I bought in York was just too small, it was making the sock yarn i found at the bottom of my yummy yarn bag I had brought with me very hard.
Loving the colours in this yarn reminds me of the sea and rock pools.

I've called these 
The Harrogate Sox 
as i bought the yarn in Harrogate and started the first sock there too.

A different stitch, 
different yarn, 
different hook.....pattern to come tomorrow I hope

so the 32hdc sts, of the 
York Rainbow Sox

changed to 32sc for this sock, but it just wasn't quite big enough for my foot.

It went on my foot, but was a little tight so I added 2 more stitches for mark 2

34sc: perfect for my size 4/5 foot and a 3.5mm hook
this sock is also a tube sock with an inbuilt heel shaping another really easy and fast to make crochet sock...

when you get to the top its completely finished


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