Sunday 4 June 2017

Felt Flower Rug

crochet a simple flower first then pop them into the washing machine to felt i used 
Filz Felting yarn 

Felted flower notes
Can't find the pattern for this exact flower but from the pictures I think the pattern should work
Filz-it Felting wool is the yarn I used for the big flowers.

Another unbranded one slightly finer felting wool for the smaller ones

 Filtz-it says 9mm Hook
Finer Wool, probably a 7mm hook

PATTERN for 8 petal flower
US Terms 
Chain 6, sl st into a circle or a finger wrap of 4 wraps 
Round 1: 12sc into circle sl st to complete round (12 sts)
Round 2: 2sc in each st. sl st to complete round (24 sts)

Round 3: petals: Change colour,  Ch2, 1dc in first st, in second st, 2dc, in third st, 1dc, 2ch, sl st, into same st. (8 petals)

Sl st into 4st and repeat until you have 8 petals, sl st to complete round
wash in machine 40 degree wash
shape and dry

Layer flowers and add a large decorative, black button or leave without.

The plan was to make a rug of them but they got used for all sorts of decorative projects..might make a new version for my new kitchen in shades of grey