Thursday, 29 May 2008

Morning Shropshires

Terrific crop yesterday....and a welcome to Lynne and Helen...thanx for the letters....l need more now!! lol And l've been checking out the glimmer and shimmer brill paint and some terrific ideas thanx again

Sorry you didn't make it Sarah hope you're feeling less tired now.....Jane thanx for the insects hehe love 'em

Knew l should have checked out the weekly chall. in more detail!!! was so pleased with the one l did but need to do another now didn't follow the sketch did l!!!!! blonde moment hey..think l'll dye my hair hehehe..added a link to a great Blog SARAH GLADMAN some brill Techniques from digi photography to paints!!!...l feel another spend coming on here!!


  1. NICE Blog :)

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  2. Thanx Semi...DNA/ACCOUNTING interesting combo!!!!