Monday 18 February 2013


Tried the new produce OVEN PRIDE yesterday,
 fantastic product if you haven't given it a go....just pop the racks in the bag pour in the thick liquid and leave over night. All I did was turn it over and shake it a few times to coat everything then rinse in hot soapy water, dry and pop back in the oven.......IT WORKS!

Beds to change and bathrooms to clean today....I hate housework, but its's got to be done ready for Phil's sister, cat sitting for us while we go off on our travels around the Canary Island to Madeira and Morocco...can't wait
Itinerary Map

Have a wonderful week everyone x

Sunday 17 February 2013

WK 7 GRANNY....turned into a flower.

Naughty Brupbrup...
My brand new never been worn pumps...
He decided they needed redecorating!
Now I need to buy new laces
WK 7 Granny motif grew a bit and I tried out a filler too for the holes
and the same motif turned into a flower with a small alteration
Should be doing other things like alterations, trousers that need shortening, ironing shirts etc but couldn't resist a play with the WK 7 Granny lol
Happy Hooking everyone x

Saturday 16 February 2013

Loving Wk 7 Mini Octagon

Definitely going to take this on my hols
No idea what it will be yet...a jacket make be?
Some thing to wear though.
My space...surrounded by wool and colour and a couple of cats on my feet.
Happy Hooking x


Been taking a look at the stats a few posts that are really popular....WOW!
the block stitch one has been viewed almost 21,000 times, unbelievable!
Don't you just love numbers?  lol!
Posts THE 8TH GEM since it started 
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Posts SUZ PLACE SINCE Christmas 2011 lost figures before then
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Friday 15 February 2013

Free crochet pattern catch up.....

Real life getting in the way of my free patterns and wondering if we were going on holiday too....
The Majesty got the all clear yesterday afternoon and was sailing to the correct port for today's pick up. So it looks like we will be taking a cruise after all.
 The friends that were on board this week but were sent home mid week said that everything was fabulous on board, just so sad about the loss of life.
 Hope you all had a Lovely Valentines day yesterday? We agreed to nothing on the day Phil bought me a very expensive magazine I wanted and I bought him a DVD he wanted
so why did he turn up with......these at 2.30 after work?
What a lovely man you are, you really do spoil me. Love you hugs xx
 Links to the catch up and the Weekly free patterns so far
For all of these free patterns there are often variations that I have done in new posts, and things I have made using the motifs.....
 So if you want to see all the variations you will need to look at all the blog post for 2013
THE 8TH GEM.....HERE for granny squares
THE FLOWER BED......HERE for flower patterns
all the bigger projects that are made from these patterns are on this blog so no link required.

Week 7 patterns should be on tomorrow I hope 

Monday 11 February 2013

Sad News..5 deaths on the Majesty

So sorry to hear there has been 5 deaths on the Majesty....the ship we are having our holiday on.

They were doing a life boat test and the cable broke somehow and it
 killed 5 crew and injured another 3

We have friends on board at the moment too. No idea yet if it will sail again this week or if it will be check and ready for sailing again by the time we are supposed to board.

Not that that is anything compared to the loss of 5 very, very sad to hear this on the News last night.....hope the injured 3 recover and thoughts to the families of the lost men

Sunday 10 February 2013

Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Been having lots of fun mixing and matching clothes for our holiday
I saw a 16 garment capsule on Pintrest that would give 40 outfits, so tried to make up my own version

I'm afraid right now I have about 20/22 items but had a lot of fun with all the outfits and picking what goes with what...
1:black and white stripe t shirt
2: black and white t shirt/dress
3:black top
4:silver top
5:blue cardy
6:jade parka
7:black and white trousers
8:white trousers
9:blue trousers
10:black and white striped skirt
11:black and white scarf/wrap
various necklaces
1: Multi stripe t shirt
2: jade parka
3:white trousers
4: red trousers
5:red top
6: red cardy
7:black waterfall jacket
8:white shorts
9: Black and white scarf/wrap
10: purple turquoise beige scarf/wrap
various necklaces
1: black top
2:black and white striped skirt
3:black and white striped t shirt/dress
4:black and white print trousers
5:black trousers
6:beige cardy
7:black and white striped skirt
8:black skirt
9:black waterfall jacket
black sandals and various necklaces
1:red top
2:gold bound print dress
3:multi stripe t shirt
4: red vest
5: red waterfall cardy
6:red trousers
7:cream shirt
8:white trousers
various necklaces, scarf, broaches
A metalic shoulder bag and one small evening bag
all these variations and there are many more, plus a couple of items I haven't shown
5 tops
5 cardy /jackets
5 trousers
1 shorts
1 skirt
2 dresses
2 scarves that make wraps,one swim suit and several necklaces and other pieces of jewellery
I have 3 healed and 3 flat shoes/sandals
most outfits can be dresses up or down for all occasions
Not weighed it all yet so hoping it will all fit in other than what I will wear to travel in

hugs to all xx

Thursday 7 February 2013

My First Crochet Book...GRANNY SQUARES...

Thank you for all the lovley and kind words about my new crochet book...
GRANNY SQUARES.....seems it is pre-orderable on AMAZON
It has been sold to USA, and Australia too.
This was the mail I got from Efi at GMC, when I asked the Questions.....
2. Is the publication date for US the same as UK? The book will be available in the US sometime in the Autumn. I will be able to let you know what month closer to the time. It will be distributed by Taunton
3. Will it be available in Australia? The book will be available in Australia. It will be distributed by Capricorn Link and will be available there roughly 3 months after it is available in the UK, so we'd be looking at end of July/beginning of August.
Just keeps getting better and better lol
What about this too.....
Also, you will be pleased to know that it has been chosen as a main selection for a mail order book club, Crafter's Choice.
I am going to pass out with excitment soon lol.
Help me out and TELL EVERYONE lol...please
Picked up a bit of sparkle for my holiday this morning....just £5 in the sale for the silver top to go with the holiday bling
I bought a couple of weeks back, got to do the dressing up bit for the
Captains cocktail party haven't I? lol
Toned it down a bit with a linen jacket and silk trousers just need some silver sandles may be!
the Art Deco Brooch is an old one I had already, always gets a few comments when I wear it
Not too much bling is it? Some of the pearls are real and some are just costume.
Happy Hooking everyone. x

Wednesday 6 February 2013


Really excited and happy with the end result, an actual book to look at lol....
It will be on sale in May, not sure exactly when yet
Just hope everyone likes it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Wore my GS coat to knit and natter today, the girls liked it and I had a wait at the bus stop to come home, got chatting with the others waiting and got some lovely comments about it too hehe.
Cruise took some sorting late last night but all booked so Canary Islands Madeira and Morocco here we can't get any better than this....Picked up a couple of dressy dresses for the cruise from the Charity shop...not something i wear a lot so didn't want to spend much so just under £20 is all it cost me one to go with the crochet lace top...I finished yesterday and a black one with white swirls and flowers ribbon embroidered on it with a few sequins
Happy Hooking everyone xx

Monday 4 February 2013

Is it finished?......not sure

Thought it would be but although you could say it is finished it's still not quite right and I am not sure what's wrong yet.....
Added a row or two for a jacket length..
but decided to make it coat length..well on me anyway only 5' tall so i suppose anyone else it would be 3/4 length lol
added the neck band but something isn't quite right yet, even though i have worn it out on a couple of occasions......
there are a couple of button holes in the band too but no buttons as yet and it really does need to have the fronts blocked in this picture that hasn't been done yet
Very cosy and warm and although quite colourful it's not too over the top, wearable anyway
Looks like our holiday might be bought forward, cat sitter arranged and wardrobe planned lol
It's all happened over the weekend so crossing everything...a 7day cruise, something we wanted to go on last year but just couldn't get it sorted.
Almost finished the lace top too, not sure the jacket to go with it will be suitable (too hot) but I will definitely have the lace top finished in the next couple of days.
Happy Hooking everyone
I promise to catch up with the weekly Granny Square and flower asap.