Friday 15 February 2013

Free crochet pattern catch up.....

Real life getting in the way of my free patterns and wondering if we were going on holiday too....
The Majesty got the all clear yesterday afternoon and was sailing to the correct port for today's pick up. So it looks like we will be taking a cruise after all.
 The friends that were on board this week but were sent home mid week said that everything was fabulous on board, just so sad about the loss of life.
 Hope you all had a Lovely Valentines day yesterday? We agreed to nothing on the day Phil bought me a very expensive magazine I wanted and I bought him a DVD he wanted
so why did he turn up with......these at 2.30 after work?
What a lovely man you are, you really do spoil me. Love you hugs xx
 Links to the catch up and the Weekly free patterns so far
For all of these free patterns there are often variations that I have done in new posts, and things I have made using the motifs.....
 So if you want to see all the variations you will need to look at all the blog post for 2013
THE 8TH GEM.....HERE for granny squares
THE FLOWER BED......HERE for flower patterns
all the bigger projects that are made from these patterns are on this blog so no link required.

Week 7 patterns should be on tomorrow I hope 


  1. I'm glad you get to go on your cruise! I don't see my blog in your list anymore.. ::pout::

    1. Hi Teresa..thanks we are too
      You're there 15th in the list at thee moment and it's 3.14 in the morning here lol...we went to bed really early and now can't sleep any longer lol
      Hugs xx