Monday, 4 February 2013

Is it finished?......not sure

Thought it would be but although you could say it is finished it's still not quite right and I am not sure what's wrong yet.....
Added a row or two for a jacket length..
but decided to make it coat length..well on me anyway only 5' tall so i suppose anyone else it would be 3/4 length lol
added the neck band but something isn't quite right yet, even though i have worn it out on a couple of occasions......
there are a couple of button holes in the band too but no buttons as yet and it really does need to have the fronts blocked in this picture that hasn't been done yet
Very cosy and warm and although quite colourful it's not too over the top, wearable anyway
Looks like our holiday might be bought forward, cat sitter arranged and wardrobe planned lol
It's all happened over the weekend so crossing everything...a 7day cruise, something we wanted to go on last year but just couldn't get it sorted.
Almost finished the lace top too, not sure the jacket to go with it will be suitable (too hot) but I will definitely have the lace top finished in the next couple of days.
Happy Hooking everyone
I promise to catch up with the weekly Granny Square and flower asap.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your jacket! Do you get tons of compliments? Every time I wear my shawl out in public, not a time goes by without someone asking me about it. I bet you get mobbed! ((hugs)), Teresa :-) OH, and have fun on your cruise!

  2. What a beautiful jacket. It's perfect on you and will be enjoyed on your cruise!



  3. What a lovely jacket! I bet everyone turn their faces to you, especially when you wear this jacket!
    Have a nice cruise both of you!

  4. Just lovely, a real winner!!! Enjoy wearing it and all the compliments! You deserve them : )

  5. The jacket looks great and it's really good on you at that length. You have some nice new clothes to go with you on holiday now!

  6. What about a belt? I don't think it needs anything more in the way of crochet. It looks great.
    xXx Helen

  7. This turned out beautiful! You are so talented.

    Eileen :)

  8. Absolutely beautiful - I think it looks perfect on you just as it is but you'll know best if it doesn't feel right - just like my jacket which has been lying in a heap for the last 3 weeks!Have fun on your cruise, Suz.x

  9. Que belleza,esto es una fuente de inspiración.Cariños

  10. Love it! Everything works - the colours are fab and the length is perfect. xx