Thursday 19 September 2019


With lots of help i have mastered adding single patterns to Ravelry for sale...

2 done and working on lots more...just double checking and adding things required for single patterns 

Thanks for all the support 

 Kaleidoscope motif wrap or blanket

 Long Block Wrap

Thanks for a fabulous September workshop

Thanks to all who attended the September workshop, a fun filled and creative weekend.....and thanks for the return bookings

All my workshops until May 2020 are now full you're all amazing thanks x

5 patterns as usual for a workshop this Kaleidoscope was the favourite pattern i think...


King size throw with light join as you go surrounded by charcoal motifs

 Soon to be released as a single pattern on Ravelry.

 From this week my single patterns will be available on Ravelry adding them as quickly as i can..thanks for all the support.

 Other patterns made in the workshop

Tuesday 3 September 2019

Just a Granny Square?

Well! is it ever just a granny? So many ways you can create a beautiful blanket with the humble granny square...

awesome Rainbow yarn and charcoal a treat