Wednesday 30 May 2012


Just quick this morning, sorry I haven't time to answer all your lovely mail individually, book contract and time scales very tight from now until the end of July
Found this old cute photo of Splodge looking into the bath...such a curious cat he is.

Some Freebies to come in August
Lots of extra try out crochet project for the book have fallen by the way side for all sorts of reasons. 
Some will be available from August, so watch this space for some freebies patterns to come.

I will be think of all you lovelies while I am hard at work, having to write them twice.
(patterns in UK terms is a night mare, give me US any day)
But...getting there slowly. 

Do hope you all love the book when it is finished...hope I love it!
 Not worked this hard in a long time hope it is all worth it.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the Olympic torch today

Love and Hugs to all 
catch ya all soon

Tuesday 29 May 2012


WOW!Great crossing, fabulous weather, wonderful place, great people...
We had a great weekend at Circle Yer Wagens on the Isle of Man
setting up camp....boys and their toys, Phil bought a camper tent for cooking, storage and a dressing room
Cute hey?

Only down side to the trip was a horrible gale that blew on the Friday afternoon/evening/night and we had to take down the camper tent at midnight and put it back up again Saturday morning
No rain just beautiful hot sunny weather but a gale as well...very strange lol.

We were lucky though no damage some people lost their tents and canopies..nasty wind.

BUT......the Isle of Man was wonderful
Look at the blue skies...all weekend too.

Some beautiful beaches...

and quaint towns..
view from the camper as we woke on the Friday morning at 7.....hazy but oh! so hot

and some lovely new Bamboo yarns from a shop in Ramsey called 
Sweet Ginger  
click link to Facebook page

Sun is out again today, so off to make myself comfy on the swing with a basket of wool and hook
Perfection hey?
Hugs to all xx

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Pheeeew! emergency over

No idea what was wrong with my laptop yesterday morning but by evening after a lot of checking out new laptops and finding an old smaller TV for the screen, as the laptop worked just didn't have a screen
Plugged it in to use in the early hours and it worked perfectly, gremlins hey!
Last year we tried to re-train the wisteria to go up and over the front room window and around my craft room.

Not quite in full bloom yet but it has managed to wrap itself around the corner of my craft room but not quite made it over the front room window
Going to be wonderful in another couple of years time don't you think?

Any one out there from the ISLE OF MAN?
We are off to CIRCLE YER WAGONS (click for more info) with Noo Noo this weekend 
looking forward to it, if it stays as sunny as it has been today it will be a fabulous weekend.

hugs to all xx
Another bit of excitement My son just rang to say he had passed all his electricians exams with credits and distinctions...well done James love ya lots xx

Monday 21 May 2012


Morning and thanks for all the lovely comments......good to hear from you all
Bit of a set back this morning after a great day yesterday....laptop has lost it's screen just a blackness staring back at me.......GREAT HEY?

Phil found a cable and plugged me into the 40" TV so now l am sitting on the floor with a dead leg looking up at the big Telly and trying to use my blacked out laptop...another expense I could really really do without right or new laptop is the question?
Any way sharing the new throne Phil made for Noo Noo yesterday and I made a seat for it so it can go incognito lol hope you like it?

 thanks again for all the messages off to make a decision about not eating for a month as I need a new laptop or live with a dead leg on the floor in front of the big TV!!!!!

hugs to all x 

Sunday 20 May 2012


Hi...still working hard on the book, everything needs to be finished by the end of July and I am crocheting about 15hours a day most days right now....writing a craft book is really really hard work
craft room is a terrible mess and every time l leave my chair a cat or 3 jump in my 'em
Think there might be a few hairy pictures in the

I hung the star blanket up for colour inspiration and like it so much as soon as I have free time I will make it into a full length curtain for the craft room
Buckets and bags of wool all over the place..what a mess it looks right now

Hugs to all and hope to be back to normal by the end of July
thanks for all the support and I will reply to all the mail asap
hugs  xx

Stylecraft Star Patterns by Susan Pinner Link to pattern

and there is an ALPACA STAR runner Stylecraft by Susan Pinner too