Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Just quick this morning, sorry I haven't time to answer all your lovely mail individually, book contract and time scales very tight from now until the end of July
Found this old cute photo of Splodge looking into the bath...such a curious cat he is.

Some Freebies to come in August
Lots of extra try out crochet project for the book have fallen by the way side for all sorts of reasons. 
Some will be available from August, so watch this space for some freebies patterns to come.

I will be think of all you lovelies while I am hard at work, having to write them twice.
(patterns in UK terms is a night mare, give me US any day)
But...getting there slowly. 

Do hope you all love the book when it is finished...hope I love it!
 Not worked this hard in a long time hope it is all worth it.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the Olympic torch today

Love and Hugs to all 
catch ya all soon


  1. Good luck with the book. xoxox

  2. No Need to reply Suz....just wanted you to know I'm willing you to be really successful with your book.
    A x

  3. I am totally confident that your book will be a knockout! You will be so proud when it's actually published!
    I like the picture of Splodge!
    I agree about the UK crochet terms, I prefer the American ones too! I learnt to crochet when I was living in the States and expecting my first baby!

  4. We are all behind you, willing you on!! Of course it will be worth it - what an achievement! x Jo

  5. We're behind you.. can't wait to see what you come up with! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Aw! We haven't had a puss for a long while but Splodge's pic reminded me of our Sweetheart who liked to take a stroll around the edge of the bath! Just heard that DDIL is beginning to crochet so I know what I am getting her for Christmas!!

  7. Hi Suz
    Chrisartist from Australia here. I lost touch with your blog months ago. Something weird happened to the link. Found you through an American blog!!
    Thanks Theresa.