Thursday 10 March 2016

Dunelm Sussex Mugs and the Crochet Flower mat......

Using the colours from the new Dunelm Sussex Mugs
The small mat grew a bit by the end of yesterday...

 big enough to make a cushion too....
lovely on the new bird tablecloth.....that still needs ironing

A cloth in the making and a cushion too...

Long Petal Flower for Easter mats 
DK Cotton
4mm hook

US Terms
Finger wrap of 5 wraps, 
ROUND 1: Ch2 counts as first dc, 11dc into circle. [12dc]

ROUND 2: Change col. ch4, trtr, [yo 3 times pull through 4 time], sl st into first completed flower, to join.
trtr, in next st, ch4 sl st into same st, sl st, into next st, repeat for all petals. [6 petals]

Are you hooking anything for Easter?

Still love the breakfast mats i made about 5/6years ago


  1. Love your flowers to match your new flowery mugs! They're gorgeous! Is the pattern available? I also love your bird and blossom tablecloth - can I ask where you got it? I also love your laminated breakfast mats -such a simple but clever idea. Wishing you a happy Thursday! E xx

    1. Hi E, thank you, Yes the pattern will be added soon,might be tomorrow. Glad you like it. The bird blossom tablecloth, fabric, bed linen, china all from Dunelm.... same as the Sussex Floral mugs...a favourite haunt of mine. Hope you have al branch. The laminated mats...yes a simple and easy way to add mats to suit any occasion. You too have a good day. x

    2. Thanks AriesVal simple but effective xx

  2. Love those flowery mats, Sue! Will a pattern be available sometime? Love the other mats you made a few years' ago also.

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks, yes I've done the pictures just need to write up the pattern, might be tomorrow. Laminated mats thanks, simple but easy way to add any design to your table x

    2. Oh goody! You know what a soft spot I have for anything flowery! My crochet hook is poised!!