Sunday 13 March 2016


On and off I''ve not been happy with the one temperature blanket...too dark for me really...

So I have decided after running out of two colours and getting almost 2 weeks behind to abandon the one and just to keep going the the flower version.

Work load a little heavy again and the flowers only take 5 minutes a day and i love it...not so for the other one
 this i will continue with to the end....

I already have the first 2 month triangle completed

and I'm up to date with the next triangle for March and April


I will be joining the 6 triangles together into a hexagon, at the end of the year
I think something square to fill in the square spaces created by the triangles

This one will be unpicked at some point in time and made into something else

and the original idea I had will be made, but not as a temperature blanket
another design i love...just wasn't feeling it for the temperature version

I had almost given up on it several time before.


  1. I adore the flower blanket....
    I also see why you might feel the striped one is too dark ~ that said, it so appeals to me and I imagine it as a gorgeous shawl!!!!!
    Good luck going forth and enjoy the 'making of' what it is to become.
    I find your work very inspiring ~

    1. Thanks time was another reason, but happy to do the flower version and leave the other, although i think i will unpick at some point x

    2. Don't you dare pick it out as it is very soul satisfying with the colors you used, I just love it as it is!

  2. I love the flower version, is there a pattern?

    1. Hi Trish, yes there is, I've added a link to the pattern on the post for you x

  3. That is the most original temp blanket I have seen and it's absolutely lovely. I love the idea, and you are going to have a gorgeous finished product. Thanks for the update, I follow via BlogLovin.
    A Day In My Life, Crochet & Reviews

    1. Hi Crystal, thanks always try my best to be a little different....added you as a friend

  4. Hi, I am not generally a fan of temperature blankets, it seems just like a bit of a gimmick. However, I really like this one. I like the subtle use of colour and the unusual design. Mary x

    1. Well thank you Mary, i thought it was a bit different too, didn't want to do the same old.
      Glad to hear you like it thanks for letting me know x