Friday 11 March 2016

CROCHET PATTERN: Sussex Flower Mat, Cushion, tablecloth or wrap...

Dunelm Sussex Mug mat turned cloth, cushion or wrap...

Stylecraft Classique Cotton
4mm hook

Finger wrap of 5 wraps, magic circle or ch5 sl st into a circle

Round 1: Cont. in same col. 12dc [12tr], into circle sl st to complete. (12sts)
Round 2: att petal colour, ch4, 
dtr [ttr,] into same st, 

sl st, into the matching petal of flower before
then cont. with second half of first petal, 

[dtr: yo 3 times, pull though 4 times]

dtr [ttr], into next st, ch4, sl st into same st, 

sl st into the next st and repeat....

repeat for 6 petals sl st to complete

Join as you go in rows 2 petals at a time then next row between to two flowers so joined 3 times 

cushion..stitch joined hexagon to a cushion with small stitches around the edges

make a mat
or continue and make a cloth or even a wrap 


  1. Thank you for the lovely pattern and tutorial, Sue. Though I can't for the life of me think what qc means which comes just before (ttc).

    1. Thanks should read dtr, late for me as I'm up at 4ish most mornings and i had been writing another pattern at the same time with very long stitches 'qc' US Terms is 5 yo not 3 as in this pattern...thanks for pointing it out x

    2. Thanks for rectifying, Sue! I'd never see 'qc' before. It looked interesting!

    3. Hi Sandra..qc 5 yo's 6 pull throughs...a very long stitch indeed lol x

  2. thank you for this!!! It is so pretty and spring-like!! Ready for flowers after the long winter. I admire your work. Lovely. Will try this one for sure.

    1. Hi Dee, you're very welcome thank you, let me have a picture when you complete it and i will add it to a fns post x

  3. Thank you so much for the pattern and for the heads-up re Dunelm. Paid a visit to the one in Oxford and was entranced - came away with a number of things I couldn't resist. Have made some Easter napkin rings in Stylecraft Classique cotton so think I will now add a nice flowery centrepiece mat using your lovely pattern and the same colours as the rings. Thank you again - you are always so inspirational. E xx

    1. Hi E, you're welcome, cant wait to see your Easter table. On for the next fans post? Glad you have enjoyed the store, I know i cant go in without buying something, always something new to see. Thank you xx

    2. Really love making these flowers - finding it difficult to join them as you go neatly though. And mine won't lie as nice and flat as yours. Have found a lateral solution to the latter but any tips for the joining as you go bit? Wishing you a lovely time in Edinburgh. E xx

    3. Hi E, They do curl a little but a light steam press should deal with that...hope that helps.
      Or you could join as you go in more than one stitch? Had a fab time thanks everything was great company festival weather, accomodation and the Facebook friends were wonderful we never stopped talking lol thanks