Sunday 31 January 2010


Got the bag of FILZ-IT yarns out same stuff l used for my felted bag and l'm using for my mates Birthday Bag
Crocheted some rings and bangles and wrapped some small balls and felted them too
works brill so l have lots of colours to play with now!!!

Before and after pics

The after pics of all the rings and pebbles could be used for all sorts of projects

Just love the pebbles so s stress ball fun to squeeze and play with hehehe


Dug out the CROCHET felted ropes and chains l made a few months back l have a few flowers and rings some where but where escapes me for now!!

Added the felt beads some wooden ones and crochet balls to the chain not sure how l would fix them all in place but definite potential!!
Embroidery and bead work needed to give some depth can see this will be an on going playtime!!

Been asked to do a tutorial for the felt beads....but they are so easy to make l was happily shocked!
There are lots of good tut's out there telling you very hot water is needed!!

l use barely warm water most of the time......microwaved it once to warm it up but found it worked just the same when cold...
But l did add quite a lot of Fairy washing up liquid to the mix..maybe a little too much but once l had made a jug full l wasn't going to waste it lol

Then l sat with a tray and kitchen roll for drips and a spoon to fish them out of the hot soapy mix but again a table spoon of soapy mix was more than enough for a single bead it really soaks it up fast so l added a wrapped roving bead to a spoonful of soap mix mostly

Next BE that was important if you aren't the beads can get creases in them you can't get out...BUT you can cover with another layer of roving so not a loss if it happens

Tried different ways of making the soft dry bead shape but the most successful was to pull the roving into long strips and wind it like a tiny ball of wool...keep the ball even and then to make the stripe just wind a teeny tiny amount of what ever colour you want the stripe to be around the bead

Add soapy water as described and GENTLY massage to start to get the bubble going then roll between your hands in different directions
only takes a few minutes and the firmer it gets the harder you can press

Then rinse in cold water and roll again and leave to dry
and above all ave fun lol

Barbara..yep you can use gloves some think it helps with the agitation but lots of hand cream after work for me hehehe

Saturday 30 January 2010


INSPIRATIONAL FELT to the artists in' Wonderful Creations' on side bar

What soapy fun l had today.....stripy beads are the results

A few small pebble what to make with them?
Sleeping on that one!!...great fun and real easy to make.....bit addictive though!

Mr T is one chilled out cat!!!
Relaxing on the end of the bed and taking the rays
We had another beautiful blue sky and lots of sunshine again today......although still cold and frosty


As you know l'm moving house (positive thinking here for a quick sale!!!!) so every day l do a bit of sorting and boxing and as all you crafters out there know there will be loadsa boxes that say 'CRAFTROOM' hehehe

I'm discovering lots of yummy things l hadn't exactly forgotten about but had bought to have a play with and something else distracted me!! you can all relate to that one lol

I'm planning on having a roving bubble bath of fun with this little lot......what a good idea might even do it in the bath..kill two birds with one stone hey!! hehe

Naturals and yummy brights.....pebbles and beads maybe?
The sky this morning was very red..oh dear what is on its way?
Love this 'WORK OF ART'......could see this on the wall as useful art!
Pencils and wall holders from the THE SOCIAL DESIGNER......fabulous ways of displaying your coloured pencils that look like works of art or you can buy the 500 pencils in every conceivable that

Friday 29 January 2010


WOW!! what a beautiful blue sky from the bedroom window..although it has tried to snow today the sunshine won hehe
Just had to post a few pics of these red tulips...made me feel so happy today they did


Playing with a double increase pattern baktus for mark 3 in black and beige stripes too!! hehe

squares l've received so far
Squares l've sent so far
Emerging throw when l combine the sent and received sqaure....real pleased with it so far
thanks girls

Wednesday 27 January 2010


I disagree what do you think?...
These are my 2 favourites.....Link to Kates blog


Can't get to view till Monday at 10.30 belongs to a builder who is building a house in the country so should be beautifully presented and well built well within the price range and about 2 miles from Phil's work
Main bedroom is slightly bigger than the one we have now but with and en suite yeeeerr!!
and an extra bedroom and the conservatory is bigger than ours and a 2 story double garage perfect for what we want

Keep your fingers crossed it feels good when we get to see it in the flesh!!

Tuesday 26 January 2010


3 possibles but all so different!!....

The bay window semi is fabulous totally re furbished and to a high standard good size plot only fault is the back garden isn't so big but has a wood burning stove open plan kitchen diner sitting room and perfect for Phil's work and an area James likes

Bungalow we think is still top of the list though and in need of lots of work but could be something very special and lots of space inside although it looks small!
Another semi in a nice area with a very big coner plot and we can see lots of potential to add extra rooms with a great kitchen space plus garage carport and a perfect space for cars etc at the bottom of the garden

The last house is looking great on paper but still to view!!!
gorgeous conservatory/family room 4 bedrooms and en suite too!
a 2 story double garage for Phil and Noo Noo lol

Monday 25 January 2010


Isn't this Susan Sargent bedlinen yummy 2 of my favourite colours together!! me

Thanks EMPRESS OF DIRT for a great blog and this fabulous link
SUSAN SARGENT bedlinen etc


It works as a scarf but still not as l want it

So BAKTUS MK3 will need to be made
the increase will be the same
the stitch the same
but l'll use 3 x 50grm balls of yarn instead of 2 x 50grm balls
l want it to drape better so you can see the point of the triangle!
and l'll make it in a colour thats more me...loved this yarn in the ball
but just not me really...maybe try a plain colour!

for those who have no idea what l'm taking about hehehe not hard that one as l ramble on lol

A BAKTUS IS...... long triangular Norwegian Scarf that wraps around the neck and ties loosely at the front originally a knitted scarf
but the variations are as long as a piece of string!!!
l've seen them.....
feather light
machine knitted
hand knitted
and crocheted
but originally l think it was a 'use up' project for 2 x 50grm balls of fine sock yarn
made in Norway and named after a dental cartoon

NORWEGIAN MUM her explanation

Sunday 24 January 2010


First BAKTUS ended up a SKINNY hehehehe still wearable but not exactly what l was hoping for so l went back to the drawing board for the pattern and realised that because l was using a DC and that is about 1/2" in depth l was reaching the centre before l'd increased enough by using the increase every 4th row......
l used the same 5mm hook another DK and DC but increased every 2nd row
from the centre pic above and the bottom right you can see the difference in width!!
Not quite finished it but feel sure this increase change has made the difference l was looking for
oh and l used a very soft multi Acrylic so no itchy neck!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHRYN.....working on the bag so cya soon with your creation
hugs have a fab day xx

Never Let Go Of Hope

One day you will see that it all has finally come together.

What you have always wished for has finally come to be.

You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself,
"How did I get through all of that?"

Just never let go of hope.

Just never quit dreaming.

And never let love depart from your life.

~ Jancarl Campi ~

Saturday 23 January 2010


BAKTUS PATTERN l sort of used but wrong weight yarn and this is a knitting pattern hehehe!

Crocheted mine in DC on a 5mm hook
l used a multi blue turquoise and lime DK 100% wool too heavy really and it's a bit itchy!!

So l'll need to remake in cotton for me and it should have been sock yarn which l'm sure is a lot finer so it didn't go as far as it should so need more research for the cotton one but it made a
nice quick Baktus out of 100grms all be it a skinny one!! lol

A Crochet Baktus
and this...

Thursday 21 January 2010


Bungalow wins so far but again we still need to sell this first....HIP done board up papers signed so a waiting game now!!

Ran out of grey wool!! l started another FAT BOTTOM BAG with yarn l know l had plenty of still needs a handle

Going to make one l think but not decided what sort yet Wooden? crochet covered plastic?

The multi pastel COLINETTE YARNS l had lots of.....must go to the mill it's not that far away

Kathryn your felting yarn eventually turned!!!! definitely won't be ready for your birthday but it will be ready for your next visit.....can't wait hugs x

Tuesday 19 January 2010


1st 8 rows folded in half
Open and flat straight strip in the centre with increase of 2 stitches every row

Making a felted bag for my friend's birthday but l've run out of wool delivery should be today
But l felt in need of a bit of hooky stuff this morning so having a go at a grey mix

I chained 19 with a 10mm hook and 3 strands of yarn a chunky and 2 DK's and used a double crochet stitch

It seems to be a simple pattern with a straight strip in the middle of the bag of 5 stitches
(This makes the bottom of the bag)
The 1st row has 5DC each side of the increase and the 5dc at the centre the sides of the bag grow by 2 st in each row and curve the shape

The CH you skip at the beginning of the row, is your first DC, then you work 4 more DC (giving you 5 DC) now you work 2DCs into the next CH, (You now have 7 DCs) work DCs into the next 5CH, (you now have 12 DCs, work 2 DCs into the next CH, (you now have 14 DCs), work DCs into the last 5CH, (you now have 19 DCs).
CH2, which always stands as the first DC, work DCs into the next 5 STS, (6 DCs) work 2 DCs into next ST, (8 DCs) DCs into next 5 STS, (13 DC) 2 DCs into next ST, (15 DCs)DCs into the next 6 STS. (21DCs)
If you make sure you have 2 extra stitches on each row EACH SIDE OF THE CENTRE 5DC you should be OK.

Not sure how many increases l will do yet but l'll let you know
Worked from side to side and then gathered onto another band that is stitched over a wooden or plastic covered handle
makes up fast just the sort of project l like and l'll add a 3D Exotic or two to finish it off

Monday 18 January 2010

POLYVORE..fab new site to play with

New site to play with called POLYVORE where you create a new outfit fun site can see a lot of hours of playtime here hehe...Thanks A Bun Can Dance for a fab link not quite worked everything out yet but already had fun xx
Just found this site thanks


With the good fortune 2010 has brought we have a bit more cash to play with so these are the next 4 possibles
1 The house in my home town close to a lake l used to walk the dog around every day
4bedrooms but no idea what it looks like inside yet no pictures but the cheapest of all and a house style l always liked and l know the area and its good corner plot so worth a look even though Phil would still have to travel to work about 10 miles..not bad!

2 The Bungalow almost the same as the one that ticked all the boxes but a lot more money but the next cheapest again 4 bedrooms but only a loo down stairs not a full bathroom like the other bungalow but it has the garage double drive and carport for Phil...lovely village and only 5 miles from work for Phil..need some work to update new kitchen decorating etc

3 In Shrewsbury so a lot more money with a double garage for Phil 4 bedrooms but would need a change of decor...not our taste but liveable with and only decoration l think couple of miles from Phil's work but on the edge of town and an area James was very happy with!!

4 Gorgeous kitchen definitely our taste very modern but again expensive being in Shrewsbury immaculate garden only 3 bedrooms garage but a wide drive that we want and again a couple of miles from Phil's work and James is happy with the area

What do you all think? Let you all know more when we have viewed them all if it was just me to consider from what l know so far it would be the house in my home town l think lol but others to think off and l might hate it inside when l see it so watch this space hehehe

Friday 15 January 2010


EXCITED!!!.....Doesn't explain it AT ALL............ECSTATIC....No where near....On cloud nine with a silver lining and its Christmas AND all my birthdays in one....almost!!! hehehe

Valuation went ok the market is not good as everyone knows but some fabulous news this morning means we can buy the house we really want
Just need a buyer for this well loved home

Then we can eat dust again for a couple of years and turn the next house we find into another feathered nest....l'm definitely a home bird haha...

Just asking for a few more prayers for a buyer
So thanking everyone now with a huge hug for all the good wishes you've sent our way.....
seem to be working so far

Tuesday 12 January 2010


Remember the burst pipe just before Christmas that damaged the ceiling in the 2nd bedroom?We finally sorted the damaged ceiling out yesterday and.......
l moved the furniture around too made it look more spacious
I'm a bit of a furniture mover l'm afraid most of our furniture has been in and out of every room over the last 5 years hehehe....
love a new look l do without the expense of new furniture lol

But l have got up on occasions and wanted to cut up furniture and remodel it hehe
THIS TABLE was originally twice the size lol
Phil made me a work bench in my original tiny craft room with the other half
and this big black unit that became 2 console tables

Todays 'to-do' is sorted the conservatory out then we will be ready for valuation day tomorrow lol
Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.
Mother Teresa


Remember this leak....2nd bedroom ceiling well it's all repaired and no one would ever know we had a burst pipe...fabulous product SMOOTH OVER use it all the time to get perfect walls and ceiling
Moved the furniture around in the 2nd bedroom too....looks more spacious

I'm a bit of a furniture mover l'm afraid and all the furniture has been swapped around from room to room to give different looks over the last 5 years lol

OUR BEDROOM AND THE ORANGE SOFA a couple of years back totally different now hehehe

l would like the orange sofas back in the front room and the small but heavy sofa into to conservatory...but Phil has refused hehehe
he said "When this sofa goes it goes to another house not another room!!!"

He thought l was mad one day when we got up and l asked him to cut the dinning room table in half hehehe.....huge 10 seat table and we never used it
now its small square and used!!

The other half made a work bench in the original craft room l had...that will make a study for selling and the leaf from the middle made part of the fireplace we built before Christmas so nothing went to waste hehehe

Sunday 10 January 2010


So cold here still l made myself a hat from a scarf by adding a crown and a 3D Exotic to go with my beige coat and the pale grey scarf with the felted flower
Kaz made for me that l love so much

new purple glasses too...only up by .25 but made such a difference!!

Made with different weights of yarn or a number of strands worked together to give different sizes
magic loop
ROUND 1:12 dc into circle, pull the magic loop tight.
ROUND 2: Working 1dc in each st, 2dctog until you have 6sts. cut off leave a long end to stitch to the centre 

Magic circle
ROUND 1: 6sc into circle, pull magic circle tight. [6sc]
ROUND 2: 2sc in each st. [12sc]
ROUND 3&4: 1sc in each st. [12sc]
ROUND 5: sc in each st, 2sctog [6sc]
ROUND 6: sc in each st, 2sctog, pull yarn through and leave a long end, stuff and sew opening closed  [3sc]

January brings the snow that makes our feet and fingers glow.


Sad for a few minutes and keep thinking about how perfect it was for us but wasn't to be
They sold it yesterday to someone who hadn't got anything to sell...move on time!!
So l'll get excited and make things hehehe and.......

back to the excitement of looking again although nothing to match the bungalow on the market at the moment...but it's out there some where l'm sure hehe

Saturday 9 January 2010


Did this one several times before l got it right...mind else where l'm afraid...

The owner will consider our offer on the bunglow but not until we have sold..sensible really the way things are in the property market

So crossing everything and asking the angels to find us a buyer quickly...started to tidy up put stuff away make the best of the place ready for viewings!!
It will happen if it's meant too!

Another 3D Exotic
Still not sure what l will do with them yet hehe
But fun to make and uses up all the experiments so l'm happy a use will come to me sooner or later hehehe
Still -10 degrees here heating on all the time so cold and the furballs are loving the snow well
Mr T is playing in it so funny to watch him

really really want the bungalow
"Never stop believing in the beauty of your dreams
Because without them we are nothing"

Sareena Choudhury