Sunday, 10 January 2010


So cold here still l made myself a hat from a scarf by adding a crown and a 3D Exotic to go with my beige coat and the pale grey scarf with the felted flower
Kaz made for me that l love so much

new purple glasses too...only up by .25 but made such a difference!!

Made with different weights of yarn or a number of strands worked together to give different sizes
magic loop
ROUND 1:12 dc into circle, pull the magic loop tight.
ROUND 2: Working 1dc in each st, 2dctog until you have 6sts. cut off leave a long end to stitch to the centre 

Magic circle
ROUND 1: 6sc into circle, pull magic circle tight. [6sc]
ROUND 2: 2sc in each st. [12sc]
ROUND 3&4: 1sc in each st. [12sc]
ROUND 5: sc in each st, 2sctog [6sc]
ROUND 6: sc in each st, 2sctog, pull yarn through and leave a long end, stuff and sew opening closed  [3sc]

January brings the snow that makes our feet and fingers glow.


  1. love it, you clever lady !!

  2. You are gorgeous my dear friend Suz. Hugs. Philip

  3. Thanks both..nice and warm that's for sure!
    Tania 13"snow? wow! stay warm and snug
    Hugs both X

  4. I Lurve your hat.......just soooooo fab!!Yoy are so clever suz xxxx

  5. That's fabulous! So clever! Love the colours too! Have a successful week. Ros

  6. impressed with the designs.
    So sorry about the bungalow - know the feeling - looking for one ourselves, probably in the same area and no it wasn't us!

  7. Lol!!! What a great idea, you look snug as a bug in a rug! You crazy lady!
    Nicky x

  8. Oh Suz you are just the most creative person!! Love that hat and scarf!! I'm sooo looking forward to learning from you this year! Keep up the inspiration.

  9. aahhh thanks everyone you're all sooo kind and l thank you all from the bottom of my heart
    Got a warm glow l have from all the nice people around

    Barbara if l can help out with crafts at all l'll be very very happy..bit of a teacher in me to share ideas and help solve crafty problems...l've tried most and taught a lot of crafts over the years
    Love to all you lovely fiends
    Hugs Suz xx

  10. So sorry about the bungalow..but I'm sure there's something out there just for you...
    Love the hat and scarf...well done!!

  11. Oh goodness! You are a beautiful lady! Love those glasses! AND your use of the 3D exotics! I have a feeling you are going to inspire me greatly! I'm so anxious to try these, but I must finish a couple of works in progress first (otherwise I might never get them done). Finding your blog was such a happy discovery for me!

  12. Thanks Jude not a problem l'm sure exactly the right one will appear from the fog hehe sooner or later but thanks for the good wishes
    thank you everyone for the good wishes seem to be giving me some wonderful luck lol

    Jeane hehehe thanks your real kind you want to see me on an off day hehehe my nick name is dragon!!! haha

  13. I have just found you & I feel like I'm a child again in my favourite confectionery shop where my mother would always buy me fairy lollies.(Darrell Lees. They still have them.) I need encouragement at the moment & I see you are maturing & have wonderful white hair. So do I.I also have just acquired purple reading glasses. As Bill Connelly says "When you get your winter plumage, You need a little colour". Personally I think there should be a lot of colour, no matter what your age. You encourage me. Thank you. Peta

  14. Que bella mujer, ese sombrero corona te queda genial!! un abrazo desde Argentina