Tuesday 31 May 2016


I've made a lot of bags over the years......small ones, big ones, round and square, 
but out of all of them, I use the 
the most next in line is the small handbag size, but with a shoulder strap....

Love the ones you can make in a day too like this one, a new sample bag 

made yesterday as a class sample for the new

opening soon in Shrewsbury on June the 13th
all my shoppers get used regularly too

one for every outfit you could say...

 this one above is a variation on the bag in my new Stylecraft pattern just out..

and I was thinking the cushion from this new pattern would make another great shopper too

Tuesday 24 May 2016

KIRSTE 5 FLOWER....please show your support

Please show your support to the runners and the 
Kirste 5 Cancer Charity 
I donated the pattern to a group of runners and all who want to support the charity....buy the pattern make a flower bra and wear it in the race... 

Kirste 5 Flower

This flower has been designed by the talented and generous Sue Pinner. Sue has given permission for it to be sold by me with all profits going to the charities supported by the Kirste 5 Race organised by Benfleet AC. 

Background - Last year I made two of the flowers and attached them to a bra and wore it outside my running clothes in the Kirste 5 race as a symbol of remembrance to a brave lady. I shared my photo with Sue and she kindly wrote about it in her blog. This year when I asked if I could get more people involved Sue immediately suggested that I use the pattern as a means to raising money. She also, so touchingly, renamed the flower pattern as the Kirste 5 Flower. 

Picture reproduced with the agreement of Echo Newspapers

Please join me in donning your Kirste 5 flower embellished bras for the race. 

To request a copy of the pattern please email me at
I will send the pattern as a pdf when you have transferred your donation – a minimum of £1 is requested.

The Kirste 5 Memorial Race
incorporating The Kirste 1 mile family Run and Kirste 5 Walk
Sunday 24th July 2016

The Kirste 5 Memorial Race
incorporating The Kirste 1 mile family Run and Kirste 5 Walk
Sunday 24th July 2016

A fine legacy to her work, dedication and inspiration.
All profits from this race will be donated equally between
Macmillan Cancer Support (261017), and Bosom Pals Southend Breast Cancer Unit (KCA)  (1073031)

Kirste was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and underwent six bouts of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

She passed away on February 9th 2012, at the age of just 42 after raising more than £50,000 for breast cancer charities
by running 23 marathons while fighting the disease.

She joined Benfleet Running Club in 2001 and  throughout her treatment she never stopped going to the club,
and would train most days. 

Her smiling face will be forever missed.

Thank you again to Sue Pinner for your generosity in supporting this amazing event x

Many thanks from Anne Purdham

Please respect Sue’s design copyright by not copying or sharing the pattern. 

UPDATE: one of the new bra's made by a newbie Crocheter of only
4 months..isn't it awesome for the Kirste 5 race this year 2016
Diane Sargent

Monday 23 May 2016


arrived in their thousands and were displayed by Volunteers for this years Chelsea Flower show 24th May
 It's going to be a fantastic sight...
 Worth a trip to Chelsea just to see the knitted and crochet poppies

how awesome is this?

Sunday 22 May 2016

Magic Yarn Ball Throw.....Good progress made

 from one triangle Friday night to 10 x19" triangles Sunday afternoon

they all kept me company today....thanks boys
 Ache all over from coughing but feeling a bit better today....back to work again tomorrow A New CAL to complete for Stylecraft has to be completed 
by the end of June
 almost enough for a throw
10 made...now to make a throw with a point each end or to make 4 half triangles?

 Loving these Magic Yarn Ball Triangles...got me through a poorly weekend. What would we all do with out a Bit of Crochet or Knitting on a bad day?
Next stage....join them together while I ponder on end points or halves?

original info post about Magic Yarn Balls

Saturday 21 May 2016

Stylecraft Magic Yarn Balls...throw?

What I had hoped to achieve this work free weekend?...wont happen, i'm laid up with some horrible bug. 

had 2 completed by last night started the third this morning

I ache all over, coughing, sneezing and being sick, I feel like i've been trampled by and elephant.

Lying in bed feeling sorry for myself with Lettuce for company and a few Magic Yarn balls....making yarn ball magic,
I hope

Almost have 3 triangles, about 19" long, completed
working on a triangle throw in a mix of Stylecraft Magic Yarn Balls
heres the link if you missed the 
and sock yarn...lots of left over sock yarn,part balls I was given a few years ago

Loving all the colour combo's real textural piece
Aiming for a throw about 45"/46" wide not sure how long it will be around 50"+ all in large triangles 

Still lots of the yarn balls left over so there should be plenty 

Friday 20 May 2016

4 New Designs for Stylecraft and a AWESOME give away too...

My new designs for Stylecraft have been released by 


go check it all out 
4 awesome prizes to win

A copy of the NEW PATTERN and ALL the yarn to make the project

in it to win it....don't miss out

Stylecraft Magic Yarn Balls...mark 2 mixed with sock wool

I love yarn experiments probably more than completing projects...a reason why I have so many WIP!
there is always a new idea to play with and these
Magic ball triangles are great for yarn combination experiments.


 If nothing else they will make some awesome Party Bunting for next year.

I will be 65 in just over a years time, although I'm not a party animal 
I have decided to have a Birthday party to celebrate the end of my working life
Everyone laughs when I say I'm finishing with crochet...wonder if they are right?


The second triangle iImade last night is a 
Stylecraft Magic Yarn Ball mixed with sock wool...

Love sock wool for creating your own original yarns, but I've never really bought much. but I  seem to have it given me, a 32litre box full all odd balls so what could be a great way to use some of it up?

Sock wool and the dk special, makes about an Aran weight yarn, a favourite of mine for blankets...so maybe a blanket for my birthday next year and not bunting...we shall see

Thursday 19 May 2016


Having started a pair of socks from odd mini balls of sock wool got me to thinking about all the other mini balls of left over yarn I have...100's!
nothing over 10g in this little lot.....but after making a magic ball or two from some of my left over yarns

I like 5g balls best...more colour changes

creative crochet and knits all very original never to be repeated or seen any where as we all have different left overs to make magic balls with. 

A project to use the 15 Minute Rule 
Tie all the ends together in one big ball of useable yarn and make yourself a fabulous and original blanket....or make something at least.

I made 100g balls to start with but think 50g are better

 50g Magic balls of left over yarns

All you need to know about magic yarn balls and what to make on this post...
I love the randomness and individuality of the magic ball projects

Want to use up all those little left over balls of yarn?

Click on each of the links below to give you all you need to know: How to make the Magic Yarn Ball and then some suggested and awesome hats, scarves, blankets or socks...

Magic Yarn Balls

Tiny Purrs Blog

Magic Ball Knitting

Fabulous blog post from 
Chasing Centuras

Magic Ball Crochet and Knitting

The earliest Blog post about Magic Yarn Balls and blanket making, I could find....
 is this one from
A Blog Crazy Crocheting Fool 
in 2008, if you know of any blog post before this one let me know


What to make with them is the tricky part, making the balls was very relaxing
I started with a triangle, but hated it the 10g balls were too big, needed more colour changes
so re-think!!!
Tried mixing two of the magic balls together, happier with the outcome colour wise but chunky weight so not good for wearables really, great for a rug or cushion though

maybe a Rhombus bag?
UPDATE: it turned into a bigger project still to be joined together but very happy with all the left overs as a fab throw like this


US Terms
5mm hook
Just dk 4mm hook

With your magic ball and sock wool to give the shading, work as one yarn.

ROW 1: sl st, on hook ch3, dc, into fist ch sts, turn. [2dc]
ROW 2: ch2, counts as first dc, in all rows, dc into same st, dc in last st, turn. [3dc]
NOTE: it can be asier to do the last st into the sp rather than the st.

ROW 3: ch2, dc into same st, dc into next st, dc into last sp, turn, [4dc]
ROW 4: ch2, dc into same st, dc into next 2sts, dc into last sp, turn. [5dc]
ROW 4- 39: repeat row 4 with the increase of 1st, each row. [40dc]


Increase is only one side so the rows run 2,3,3,4,4 5,5...and so on.

MARK THE INCREASE SIDE so that you don't forget.
 After a few rows it will be obvious which is the straight side and which is the angled, increase side.

Right angle triangles just need a little more attention
Strictly speaking it should run 2,2, 3,3,4,4... but i didn't like the first 2 sets of 2 so increased so it runs 2,3,3,4,4....and so on.

ROW 1: sl st, on hook ch3, dc, into fist ch sts, turn. [2dc]

ROW 2: INCREASE ROW. ch2, counts as first dc in all rows, dc, dc in same st, dc in last st, OR sp, which ever is easiest for you, turn. [3dc]

ROW 3: ch2,[do not dc in same st, as you did with the Isosceles, this will be the straight side], dc, into next st, or sp, turn, [3dc]

ROW 4: INCREASE ROW. ch2, dc in same st, dc into next st, dc into last st or sp, turn. [4dc]

ROW 5: ch2, do not dc in same st, dc in next 2st, dc in last st, or sp, turn. [4dc]

ROW 6: INCREASE ROW. ch2, dc in same st,  dc in next 2sts, dc in last st or sp, turn. [5dc] 
ROWS 7 - 39: repeat rows 5 and 6 with the increase on odd number rows.
ROW 39: will have 21sts, 

Sew all your triangles together in the pattern of your choice, or join with sc and ch3 loops, using the 2nd ch as a sl st to join the the previous edged triangle. making a lovely linked ch, loop edging as below

The Isosceles triangles would join in a hexagon pattern but i preferred the split diamond pattern below

Using sc in the side of each dc, on the two sides and and ch3 loops.
 sc in every other st, and ch3 loops, along the ends of the triangles 

I tried adding 15 st, triangles to start with but didn't like the effect so decided on a closed 'v' stick border of several rows..

Each round is in a different col. I used shades of blue and green for my border, but as its a left over yarn blanket then use what you have and like.

ROUND 1: 2dc, in each ch3, loop, 2dc, ch3, 2dc, in corner ch3 loops.
ROUND 2-6: 2dc in each sp between pairs of dc, creating a closed 'v' st, with 2dc , ch3, 2dc, in each ch3, corner sp.

Although it looks like a rectangle when laid out it is in fact almost a perfect square, as you can see when you fold it in half diagonally

all the triangles joined together with sc, ch3, sc.

A wash to block it and it will be ready for use...enjoy