Tuesday 24 May 2016

KIRSTE 5 FLOWER....please show your support

Please show your support to the runners and the 
Kirste 5 Cancer Charity 
I donated the pattern to a group of runners and all who want to support the charity....buy the pattern make a flower bra and wear it in the race... 

Kirste 5 Flower

This flower has been designed by the talented and generous Sue Pinner. Sue has given permission for it to be sold by me with all profits going to the charities supported by the Kirste 5 Race organised by Benfleet AC. 

Background - Last year I made two of the flowers and attached them to a bra and wore it outside my running clothes in the Kirste 5 race as a symbol of remembrance to a brave lady. I shared my photo with Sue and she kindly wrote about it in her blog. This year when I asked if I could get more people involved Sue immediately suggested that I use the pattern as a means to raising money. She also, so touchingly, renamed the flower pattern as the Kirste 5 Flower. 

Picture reproduced with the agreement of Echo Newspapers

Please join me in donning your Kirste 5 flower embellished bras for the race. 

To request a copy of the pattern please email me at
I will send the pattern as a pdf when you have transferred your donation – a minimum of £1 is requested.

The Kirste 5 Memorial Race
incorporating The Kirste 1 mile family Run and Kirste 5 Walk
Sunday 24th July 2016

The Kirste 5 Memorial Race
incorporating The Kirste 1 mile family Run and Kirste 5 Walk
Sunday 24th July 2016

A fine legacy to her work, dedication and inspiration.
All profits from this race will be donated equally between
Macmillan Cancer Support (261017), and Bosom Pals Southend Breast Cancer Unit (KCA)  (1073031)

Kirste was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and underwent six bouts of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

She passed away on February 9th 2012, at the age of just 42 after raising more than £50,000 for breast cancer charities
by running 23 marathons while fighting the disease.

She joined Benfleet Running Club in 2001 and  throughout her treatment she never stopped going to the club,
and would train most days. 

Her smiling face will be forever missed.

Thank you again to Sue Pinner for your generosity in supporting this amazing event x

Many thanks from Anne Purdham

Please respect Sue’s design copyright by not copying or sharing the pattern. 

UPDATE: one of the new bra's made by a newbie Crocheter of only
4 months..isn't it awesome for the Kirste 5 race this year 2016
Diane Sargent

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