Wednesday, 14 July 2010


This blanket pattern is a square version of the Hexagon pattern in my book Granny Squares page 88 a pillow...
But I will be adding a link to this this version of the granny square blanket pattern before the end of JUNE 2015...Its been such a popular request

original post.....
Should I add a darker colour to finish it off?
I may make it wider and add the new flowers!
What does everyone think?....
Added flowers....

So still a WIP hehe....but almost finished
the blanket works on its own with a 4 row DC Cream border 
but aren't there always options?

Your Valued Opinions needed.....
What do you all think about kits?
Thinking of putting a few together in my colour way with a set of instructions and maybe a hook!

Do you think there would be enough interest?
Do you ever buy kits even?....or just seeing projects on line is enough and you like to gather together the colours yourself?
Would be real grateful  for feed back
Hugs all xx


  1. Hi Sue , love your blanket !!
    I think Phil may be right about a darker colour to finish it off.
    Thanks for the pattern for the flowers,they are so pretty.
    I personally don't buy kits but I expect plenty of people do.I love your colour choices.
    Jacquie x

  2. MMM not sure about he cream border, Phil maybe right a darker one. Flowers are lovely, so is the blanket. Colourful as usual.
    Cannot crochet so cannot comment on kits.

  3. Think the addition of the flowers around the edge looks wonderful!

    I've never bought a kit myself as I do like the process of choosing colours, etc for a project myself but I know that some people can be a bit nervous about going ahead with a project they like the look of as they can get a bit put off by deciding what colours they want to use so I can see why kits are useful in this respect

    ruth xx

  4. Hi Suz,
    Beautiful colours as usual,I do enjoy your blog and what you make.
    I feel the 4 rows of cream are too much,perhaps 2 or three, then a row of one of the other colours, row of cream and finish off with one of the darker colours...just a suggestion.
    I dont buy many kits as usually I have loads of yarn or fabric that I can use but I do occasionally if the finished item is just the colurs I love and want to do it exactly the same. A lot depends on the price..if its a fair price for what it contains then its an easy option rather than having to trek round looking for the colours I need...that is usually more expensive as I end up buying extra things!!!!. Perhaps have a trial at a small craft fair where people can see your work?

  5. Thanks interesting options so far
    Just tracked down acrylic yarn at a fabulous price buying wholesale so l can definitely do a great price on colour combos of acrylic yarn!!
    Watch this space lol
    Hugs all

  6. Love the effect with the flowers going around and agree with others that maybe a dark border would look good. I'm not a kit buyer Suz but I'm sure there are others out there that are. Well worth putting a couple together and testing the water. Your colour combos are so appealing.
    A x

  7. I have to agree that the border needs a little something to ground that cream border. But you are the master at colors, so in the end it's what YOU like best! I do like the flowers around it, but wonder if it would make it a little too bulky?

    As for kits, I've never purchased one as they've been beyond my budget, but like the others say, you should certainly put one together and test the waters! Your color choices are so terrific they could sell like crazy!

    Thanks for the pattern...I haven't crocheted with 2 strands together...maybe will have to try that!

  8. The blanket is really beautiful. Not too sure about the cream border though, however, the addition of the flowers could be the answer.
    Thank you for the pattern.
    Re packs - I think some people (me included) don't have a great eye for colours which work together so a ready made pack could be a good option if not too expensive. Give it a try and find out the response.

  9. Hi Sue !
    You are so fast!!!!
    I really like the colour of all your work.
    I don't think you need any border there. All is beautiful, but if you insist why not add a border of the lightest blue flower all around???

  10. Complimenti per il tuo blog e le tue bellissime creazioni.Un saluto ElenaRegina Visentin Italy

  11. Love the flowers, very kind of you to share the pattern. I think I'll be having my first go at a bobble stitch very soon!

  12. Beautiful blanket, Suz! Borders within borders are lovely and would work well with your blanket - as you already have squares within a bigger square. I think you could try a slightly darker colour to finish to give more definition to the edge. Picking up the blue and green stripes again could be a possibility - or even some of the pinker/purples from the centre panels - but I think you have such a good sense of colour that whatever you choose will work well as a whole.

    I'm not a kit buyer myself but it can take a while to hunt out the colours and types of yarns you want to use for a project so I can see the appeal! I also tend to have set colours at home that I use a lot so kits would also be a good way to get a fresh perspective on colour again:)

    I think the pattern would have a big impact on me too. If its unusual or needs step by step instructions for the construction, I don't mind paying for that guidance. Maybe kits with yarn, and a PDF pattern for those who want the pattern but already have a stash:) Then you have both markets!

  13. Well Suz it looks fab to me and I am sure I can't add anything that would improve your ideas!!!! Being a bear of little brain I rather think a kit would be useful. At least I would have a reliable pattern to follow and the right quantity of wool etc to achieve a good result. (Of course I would have to follow instructions very carefully - lol!!!)

  14. Kits would be a great idea, as you have a real talent for putting colours together.

  15. It turned out really nice! I think the border does need some color along with the flowers! I'm sure whatever you decide, it will not disappoint!

    As far as kits....I am the kit queen! I luv kits as it's easier for me if everything has been decided for me, but that's just me!

  16. Thank you thank you thank you...all taken on board
    L knew you would all help out
    Hugs All xx

  17. yea i have just done my first flower after finally getting to grips with your tutorial. thankyou.

  18. Hi...glad it was of help...happy hooking
    Hugs Suz x

  19. Wonderful blanket Suz. I think I would go with another color of border also or just add color to the way you have it. Think the kit woud be a good idea if a resonable price. Would you be able to make them available to the USA?? i agree with what the other lady had said about some of us just dont have the eye for cordinating colors.. good luck!!

  20. Me encanta su blog, lo conocí a través de otro blog brasileño del que soy seguidora, CROCHET COLORIDO. Soy una apasionada del crochet, me encantan las flores y los trabajos llenos de color, de pasión y de vida, como los suyos. Para mí es una inspiración, gracias por compartirlo.

  21. Love this blanket so much! I'm not usually a kit person, but this is one I would buy. Lovely colors and such a pretty design.

  22. Blanket and flower are gorgous! May I ask how you keep your border from ruffling?

  23. Hi thanks.......correct number of stitches for the round. Hope that helps
    Hugs x

  24. NO darker edging, it is beautiful as it is. If you do another edge, then make it a lighter color. But dark make sit look like a scrap afghan.

  25. So this beautiful flower. Where is the pattern? IS it in your new book? I love the slightly frilly texture of them.

  26. ola tudo bem!!!
    Gostei do blog..
    abraço Leila.

  27. Hi I like the colours as they are. The paler border lets the flowers stand out, and give the whole blanket a beautiful appearance. Thank you for sharing x