Saturday 16 November 2013

Some Hyperbolic Crochet gems....

.......jewellery or wrist warmers?    
I' ll let you decide...lots of fun to make
and very warm to wear, what ever they are called.
A hyperbolic flower with an 8th gem

charity shop find,
or crochet button gems...
Have a great weekend everyone x

Thursday 14 November 2013

An Apple a day.....

The Husband of one of my friends from KnN had a small Art show with his son.....
I bought this Apple painting to go in my kitchen.
Thanks Reg I love it and it will look fabulous over the sofa in the kitchen....
hope your cold gets better soon x

Tuesday 12 November 2013

CROCHET CAT BED: Expensive cat beds?...and they prefer an old cardboard box....

 So I have found a use for all those mini triangles, I've scrapped the bag idea and

I'm going to cover the box with the mini triangle so it doesn't look quite so ugly..
they love it any way.
Two cats inside, Splodge and BrupBrup, brothers.....and I get a better nights sleep too!

Monday 11 November 2013

Friday 8 November 2013

Crochet Workshop...OSWESTRY LIBRARY 23RD NOVEMEBR 2013

Just a few places left if anyone is interested, mail me or contact Oswestry Library
01691 677388

10-4 tea and coffee provided bring your own Lunch
£15 for the day, materials provided
Christmas crochet.
Lots of stars and Christmas projects

Monday 4 November 2013

The problem with crochet.......

Seems all the sitting around crocheting has been so much fun and I love it but it's not doing my weight any good at all.
So I have invested a few pennies in a very basic manual tread mill.
Went for cheap as I've bought exercise machinery before and not used it.....
and cheap to run...Sue Power, lol.
It folds up so not a huge space required.
At the moment it is set up in front of the TV.
I am working very slowly up to doing 15/20 minutes on most days to drop a couple of stones, going
VERY VERY SLOWLY....a couple of minutes of running and walking, all on quite a steep incline was all I could manage the first go.
I've read a lot and i wont be over doing it to start with but
it always surprises me as how quickly you can improve even for a couch crocheter like me.
I cant' stop eating so more moving was necessary, leave the dent in the sofa for a few minutes a day.
The first day I only manage 1/2 mile in several tiny sessions.
The second day I managed 1mile in about 3 sessions
I  wonder what today will bring?
Any tips on running on a treadmill warmly welcomed....and i do know it would be better outside but i know I wouldn't do that, at 61 if  I am going to make an ass of myself.
I will do it in private so a treadmill was the best option for me.
Funny though..I am quite enjoying it so far.....early days hey?

Sunday 3 November 2013

Another Rhombus added....

even more mis shaped than the oatmeal edges rhombus....may be I should have blocked it before attatching it.....
2 more to make
and a frill added to the plain tweedy be decorated with embroidery.


Friday 1 November 2013

Helpful info one of my pictures that has been PINNED on Pinterest......

Look what arrived late yesterday....
so back to work for me.
Someone has pinned my picture of SPOT MOSS STITCH onto Pinterest from
and I thank you very much,


A lot of others have pinned it from them...oooops!

If you pin a copy please make sure you have the correct info with the picture or you will get

(A Bolster cushion I made last year in alternate coloured rows of moss st.)

and not the dot effect in the picture ABOVE.