Friday 25 July 2008


Packing and getting ready today...Lakes here we come....25th challenge day today at the ready..will try to post agian before l head off with my list of places to see...thanx girls for help in making it
Great shop yesterday didn't spend much but now l know where it is!!! thanx Andi
Photo: COSMO....big show off he is lol

Thursday 24 July 2008

SHOPPING!!! what l do best lol

Quicky this morn! shopping with a g'f this morning new shop she is taking me too..exciting!
Been waiting almost 2weeks to go to this aladin's cave...let ya know what l find there later
Hols on SAT... been given some good places to go there too so wheeeyyy l'm going to have fun next week..haha
Catch up later...have safe journey Jane cya soon
Phots: Julia's CJ my to post it this morning though

Wednesday 23 July 2008

I Love my life lol

Brill crop today the CJ finished ready to post and made 10 ATC for the Botanicl them thanx for the swap Sarah
Photo: BOTANICAL ATC SWAP...UKScrappers july 2008


Walked first thing and caught the bus back but decided to buy an epilator while in town...ooouch!!!
Does the job brilliantly but god does it hurt or what!!!

Supposed to get easier...well l dam well hope so
Like using sandpaper on your skin for a few seconds but sooooooo smooth afterwards
hehehehe l all silky now and de-fussed wanted to know that didn't you? lol

Jane are you back for todays crop?....cya later girls
Photo: digi scrapblog My son birthday photo...

Monday 21 July 2008


Great Sunday crop girls and Thanx again Lynn for the sizzix use....have a box full of letters now in my papers...pillow case copy to some of my doodlings
Photo...nick name in the letters l cut

17th August for the next one and l hope everyone going on hols in the next month has a great time...including me to the Lakes on saturday...should be some great pics when l come back....fingers crossed

Saturday 19 July 2008!! brill site

Hi Maz..have added you to links..glad you found the scrapblog site and l see you've been having fun great LO....SO EASY TO USE ISN'T IT?
Might go have another play in a bit

Thursday 17 July 2008


Really think l've found that groove!!!! it is really pushing my buttons this digital scrapbogging....and now l've worked out how to post and to save and wow wow!!! hitting the spot it is lol
Scrapblog 2...And yet another this really is fun

Morning l having fun!!

And yet another sooooooooooooo much fun and l'm learning something new every terrific site
Wet out but everything looks so green this morning....hols getting closer hope it not going to be wet in the Lakes....sketch book camera and my new Tricia Guild books in the case l think...and some warm knickers maybe!!!!

Wednesday 16 July 2008


My new Tricia Guild books arrived today....Have always admired Tricia Guild have almost all of her books.....two arrived today and they're terrific..hours of inspiration here!
Great day thanx Sarah...Jane hope you have a great holiday..cya next week
Sunday crop...booked cya all at The Beacon
PHOTO: Another Scrapblog LO...Moi...having a lot of fun with this site


Morning all....well am l having fun...scrapblogging!! Brill site l can use being te baby l am at PC thank you thank you thank you Rebecca and the team wonderful site..added scrapblog to my links
Been doing a LO this morning so fast...l love it!!

Tuesday 15 July 2008


Found a site that l could do some fun digital LO's far so good did one from a pre done LO just played around with it a bit...again so far so good

Then l tried to share it with this blog fun and games there!!! decided best to just use the link to the scrapblog orthrow the laptop through the window!!! lol

SOOOOOO WANT TO DO DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING BUT ALWAYS END UP FRUSTRATED AND here is the link but l have to open a photo file in another place to be able to save n print!!!!! it worth it l ask myself?......Think l'll just get the scissors out again

Used the Pic of Phil and me to do digital LO

The Boys


Woken up with a sore throat idea where thats come from....I dont do poorly!

Well l was inspired by MAKI'S beautiful cakes and have bought all the ingredients to make a! Havent baked a cake for years, l've looked out one of my Mums old cake decorating books too all sitting on the work top stirring me into this space!!

Photo: Only photo l have of one of Mums cakes...a wedding cake she made for a friend..talented lady my Mum...miss ya hugs

Monday 14 July 2008

I am empowered by recognition and my gift is contentment

Found this silk covered album in TK MAX yesterday...perfect for the new colour scheme in the what photos do l put in it?....House and how it has changed maybe!

Brupbrup is beginning to love the camera...has stopped looking away as soon as l point the camera at him!!!

Photos: 1 New Silk Album and bedtime reading...loved that quote: WOMEN and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should RELAX and get used to the idea..... Robert Heinlein

2 Brupbrup in the garden...dont you just love that cute face?

Sunday 13 July 2008


So many blogs out there but came across a couple of new and interesting ppl....they've been added to Links.....enjoy
oh and this site too....yummy cakes... Maki's Cakes

Photo: came across this picture..forgot to add who it was from sorry to them but want to share it with anyone who drops by....will try to find the source again and add later if l can

Friday 11 July 2008


NEW BEDROOM.....well Mr T and Splodge like it!! lol

Photos: new bed linen and curtains (still to be hung properly..for got the rings!)

Thinking of changing the curtains in the conservatory too!


Off to shop a bit l think.....some new curtain l want!!!

Photo: 1st pages of My July Garden envelope album l made months ago

Thursday 10 July 2008


Having a design crisis at the mo...doing a refurb.........House mind and blog.....A GOOD CLEAR OUT IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL!

Wednesday 9 July 2008


Thanx for another great day Sarah....didn't we do well lol

Photos: Alliums now they've lost their flowers...

Tuesday 8 July 2008


Huge pot of lilies just outside the conservatory window now in full bloom....

Photo: Lilie pot

Sunday 6 July 2008


Took a tour around the garden two days ago...everything seem to be flowering and had 3 bowls of strawberries so far...sooooo sweet
Printed a couple of hundred pics out last night so off the add them to the albums

Photo: Allium Christophii slightly past his best but sooo spectacular and the tall lilies are all coming out look terrific through the conservatory window..will move the orange and yellow ones for next year l think

Saturday 5 July 2008


So my stars say...mmmm cant wait lol......seems l'm going to be extravagant!

Never got to the Birthday album....will today though hehe promise myself to finish it this weekend

Dr Who!!......been waiting all week for tonights episode..just seen its and hour long tonight too...brill cant wait

Walk round the garden with the camara yesterday afternoon...splashes of colour every where now....

Photos: my new aren't they cute?

Friday 4 July 2008


must off and finish the Birthday album.....wont let me upload any more pics!!

Thursday 3 July 2008


Started my Birthday album still lots to do but a few pages to show

Ran out of photo papper but now have 4 packs so can finish many pics yet to print garden walks will be the next thing but had lots for b'day so should last me a week!!! lol

Photos: Birthday Album

Wednesday 2 July 2008

AWARD I WON...worked it out eventually lol

So chuffed l am.....thanx Jane for the award....real suprise
Here are the rules for the award:

(1) The winner can put the logo on her blog.

(2) Link the person you received your award from.

(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

(4) Put links of those blogs on yours.

(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.

Not easy to choose because there are so many talented people


Phil..not Parc Guell no but thanx for trying....hoped you might know it!
Well no rain yet!!!! fingers crossed....lots to do at crop today so cya all later girls

Printed all my pictures last night well as many as l had photo paper for...l ran out l have so many pics from birthday weekend!

Hols in the LAKES next only 3w 3d to go....hope its not too wet!!! Should get some great photos

Phil managed to get me 2 tripods off E-bay last night and for only just over £7 too...2nd clas postage so a couple of days to wait though...exciting the £1 ones ad all sold......wonder why! lol

PHOTO: Tidied the dinning room up a bit..long over due had become a bit of a dumping ground!!!

Tuesday 1 July 2008

ooh!! l won an award!!!......THANX JANE

Thanx for the award dont know how to add it so will pick it up tomorrow when you are here and can show me how!!! at this stuff l am lol

Haven't been able to find the tripod l wanted but got myself a new Designer Guild makeup bag and beautiful embroidered to follow lol!!

Ended yesterday in a 'right ole huff' Phil was spraying the fence at his house and he sprayed me too!!! gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me, new pink vest n white top covered in fence stain!!!!!

Night of soaking and half an hour of scrubbing and l've managed to remove the spots!!!...lucky Phil hey!!!!

Slimming this morning really dont feel like walking this morning so may go in the car but l will clean it today to make up lol! Try Argos too for that pripod!!

Had our 1st bowl of strawberries from the garden over the weekend...soooooooooo sweet yum!

Beans n tomatoes lettucegrowing fast now...cant wait to try them too

PHOTO: Park floor in Barcelona..cant remember the nmae of it though...a fav city of mine