Wednesday 2 July 2008


Phil..not Parc Guell no but thanx for trying....hoped you might know it!
Well no rain yet!!!! fingers crossed....lots to do at crop today so cya all later girls

Printed all my pictures last night well as many as l had photo paper for...l ran out l have so many pics from birthday weekend!

Hols in the LAKES next only 3w 3d to go....hope its not too wet!!! Should get some great photos

Phil managed to get me 2 tripods off E-bay last night and for only just over £7 too...2nd clas postage so a couple of days to wait though...exciting the £1 ones ad all sold......wonder why! lol

PHOTO: Tidied the dinning room up a bit..long over due had become a bit of a dumping ground!!!

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