Saturday 30 April 2011

FLOATING SHELVES UP...l know l said l wouldn't but l'm real pleased with them

Another THANKS to
He made me two solid floating shelves by the window...ready for the pasta and rice jars 
We have a lot of the Ikea floating shelves and they really aren't stable and solid and l want to put storage jars on them in the kitchen so they needed to be stronger
Took him all morning but these babies are going no where! lol
All the new under unit trim is on, ready for me to paint, l need some wet and dry to get the best finish and with so many 'finishing off ' jobs l still haven't got to the tiles
today and tomorrow should see the tiles all finished
Then all we need to finish off for this stage of the kitchen make over is the wall that needs plastering and the kick boards

It's lovely having tidy cupboards again...although we lost 5 small units, l needed to reorganise shelves and l've managed to still have some space left inside a cupboard or two
Thanks again Phil for all your hard work this Easter hols...looking great as always

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Hugs to all
Quick Kitchen Update May 1st
...all the tiles are on just need to grout them clear the space and plaster the opposite wall and put up the shelf, little bit of painting to do to finish everything
Thanks for all the lovely kind comments...after the doubts l had l am real pleased with this weeks remodel

Hugs to All

Friday 29 April 2011

A beautiful Day...a Loving Kiss

Fabulous Wedding..good Luck to the 
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

the ring...

A fabulous Day.....Enjoy your Party Tonight


So excited, lots of tears already this morning
Our flags are up...
the Abbey is ready...
the guests are arriving..
taking their seats...
Have a fabulous Day Wills and Kate
Hugs to all 

Tuesday 26 April 2011

3rd and 4th day of Kitchen Makeover

Going well all the work tops cut and fitted and all the electrics sorted and the plaster board up
Slight hold up with the wall being so bad behind the units we took down and the side wall to the kitchen was two different depths so plaster board needed to be added to the original kitchen to match the extension built by the previous owners
So NO tiling today..tomorrow though should see it well under way

close of play lunch time today...

Phil then rushed off to give his 50th pint of Blood
He got an award for it too...

He gets and award from me too for my lovely new kitchen make-over...almost complete but an afternoon off today

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments...much appreciated 
I won't bore you with any more updates now until it really is finished and 'dressed' as they say in the house programmes...hehe
All the boring stuff to do like cleaning the plaster dust off the floor (already cleaned it 3 times!) 
and the saw dust off everything 
Oh!...and find room for all the stuff we had in 33 cupboards with 5 or is it 6 less

Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs xx

Monday 25 April 2011

DAY 2 KITCHEN MAKEOVER...doubts all gone

Well l didn't want a smack bottom did l? lol...told Phil my doubts and all he said was....
"I'm going to smack your bottom for you, if you don't stop changing your mind, it's going to look great.
You've chosen what you stop hovering...or else!"
He was right too loving it looks lighter brighter and even bigger than before hehe!
2 new worktops under the window around the corner with the sink and new tap all in perfect working order...and no problems at all....all very straight forward and problem free
really has made a big difference and l love idea what got into me yesterday!

Should see the removal of all the black and the other two new worktops in.
 May be some trims on and all the stuff back in the rearranged and sparkling clean cupboards

The lighter worktops and the now white walls showing (tiling for me tomorrow l hope) 
has pushed out the walls and made the whole space so much lighter, brighter, sunnier and cotton woolly...a technical term..lovely feeling though hehe
Even the unit doors look lighter...always thought them to be quite dark

Huge Thanks everyone
for listening to my silly doubts yesterday...some days are just like that don't you think?
I know some will prefer the black and yes it did look ok but l wanted white and the visual space that creates and its just what l've got and more

Close of play last night...
still missing all the trims..kick boards, corner plate and tiles...but l feel very happy today bouncing around in our new space called The Kitchen

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES....cya later birthday cake waiting for you
27 where did all those years go to?


Sunday 24 April 2011

Kitchen makeover doubts...aaargh!!....l'm going to indulge my doubts here SORRY!

By the time l went to bed last night...temporary black work tops back on
the corner turned..l'm very very happy with 
love the eye line space we now have..the whole space looks squarer and more spacious very happy again
Possible plastering required..not a problem
Open shelving was the plan for this wall (above picture
for white china and all my storage jars..
 l'm sure there wouldn't be a problem if l could afford to change the doors for white now and not have to wait longer for it is going to be a half way measure and l now am having some serious doubts
when l look at the other side (the black l thought l didn't like some how looks nicer this morning) especially now it's been cleared of the mess ready to be removed!!!!....and the new sink tap and worktops added
Do l tell Phil or not? l stick with the changes or re-assess what or how much we change?

Love the 'look' of extra space rather than the corridor effect with the old kitchen but not sure about the new low line fridge and freezer
and a few have said why change it?...
Kitchen isn't in as good a condition as it looks in the pictures, plus l set my heart on a white kitchen when we moved
There were some problems like the fridge/freezer was behind the kitchen door a really silly place for it to be and as far away from the rest of the working area as it could be 
Worktops are slightly damaged and blistered in places the sink is looking old and marked and the tap has rust spots on it and leaks a bit and l really thought l wanted less black 
l don't know what to do and l can't believe l feel this way
WISH ME LUCK WILL YOU...really don't know what to do
l'm going to have to decide one way or the other today though.....take back what we have bought tomorrow and stay with the black?
 Change the sink/work tops for more black or go ahead with the lighter granite look and white ceramic sink?

messy house messy mind this morning
can't move for kitchen 'stuff' in the dining room right now...
do l put back some of these units or go with the open shelving and keep the work top free?

not going to be a good day l can feel it!
Cya soon l hope ...if Phil hasn't wrung my neck and buried me in the back garden hehehe

Happy Easter hugs

Saturday 23 April 2011


Phil was at work until 2 so l got started on door removal and as many screws as l could remove,
but things really started to happen once he got home though!
All the units down on the short wall and 2 double units moved to under the new window all in less time than it took me to remove the doors and screws!
shiftin, shovin and lots of discussions later....we had a problem to solve!
keep the old fridge freezer or buy new!

The pictures really don't show how much bigger the space looks because of the improved eye line 
removing the upper darker units has really opened up the space
BUT!...always a but isn't there?
decision on do we keep the old but still working and integrated fridge/freezer that would ruin the flow and eye line space or buy a new but not integrated, low line, under work top (and a lot cheaper) white fridge and freezer and have open shelving above some where!!!

Let ya know what we decide tomorrow
but really really pleased we have removed the upper units, lost a couple of them to gain so much more open space

loving the space illusion so far, loathed to fill it with the old high line fridge freezer..and it was a bit manky when we took it out!

When everything is white and the lighter worktops added it it going to look how l thought it would, already does althought the wall behind the units is going to take more work than we realised...bit of a mess behind those wall units...
with some dodgy electrics too!
Did have my doubts in the first hour but by last night it was looking great, felt the same this morning when l got up..twice just to check it out hehe
off to check out low line fridges and freezers now as the shops open
then who knows what we will manage to do today!

Hugs to ALL 

Friday 22 April 2011


Thank you and sorry to all who have commented..some lovely blog pals l have and l'm not being very good at replying just now...l REALLY DO THANK YOU ALL...LIFE DOES SEEM TO GET IN THE WAY OF BLOGLAND

A few weeks ago l said we were going to remodel the bathroom...but it was put on hold
Still so many jobs to do here at Bakewell and we have now been in the house a year and a week lol
Cant believe it..time does fly!
ANYWAY cutting this story short or l'll be here all day and l'm still in my PJ's eating Easter chocolate cake for breakfast...ooops!
made it yesterday..
l'm no cook so this is quite an achievement for me..and it tastes good too lol
but the big reason for less blog time is..

Always seems to be a week we do big DIY jobs and this is no exception but not the bathroom, as planned but the kitchen
We have a big kitchen 33 cupboards, one of the reasons we bought the house, but things weren't as lovely as we thought...won't bore you with the details and we can't afford to do white doors is the main day l will change the doors
But for now they will just have to wait a bit longer
 We are going to rearrange and remodel the units new work tops, sink, taps and improved the layout

NEW RETRACTABLE TAP...white brick style tiles as the splash back
3x3metre worktops to fit a much lighter colour
I really wanted wood or granite but l'm afraid the budget won't stretch with such a big kitchen so l went for the lightest of the granite 'look alike' work top
they will go well with what we need to keep for now and will go well with white doors when l can afford to change them
New French doors and window, months ago left us with an incomplete kitchen,  a broken draw front hasn't helped either....the back door didn't open properly...l used to hold it open by tying it to the draw front ooops 
shut too one day and ripped the draw out and smashed the front
So by Thursday this next week we should look totally different..l hope! 
Rather than start yet another job (bathroom) we decided, actually l talked a lot about the mess in the kitchen lol and Phil being Phil, so laid back and lovely, just agrees him such a gem
So this little plan has been taking my blog looking time
along with flag making...
ready for the big day next Friday..if the kitchen isn't finished by Thursday we will be downing tools and glued to the TV from 6 in the morning until late at night lol

Having to do the kitchen in sections so cleared the 1st few cupboards last night and the house is a complete mess again lol....
Cleared cupboards/worktops is the only place in the house that looks tidy right now hehe
other than under the window this area will see the biggest change
wish us luck, hoping nothing goes drastically wrong!
Have a Fabulous Friday everyone
hugs to all 

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Applied Flower Cushion and Union Jack Placemats

Just couldn't live without a few flowers lol...
2nd stage of the stripey cushion...applied flowers so you have a double pattern cushion 

Found an old design from and printed 4 new place mats for Royal Wedding day to go with the paper flowers 

Enjoy your evening all xx

One of those perfect moments much sunshine in April!

Middle of the night here...can't sleep yet again!
Probably because l keep falling asleep on the craft room sofa in the sunshine
Although we all managed a nap on the orange sofa on Monday... Brupbrup, Mr T, James myself and Phil on the other end..such a large comfy battered old sofa with space for everyone and we all fell asleep on it after lunch lol

Yesterday at 8.30 in the morning as l walked into the craft room
the sun shone on the orange sofa it was just such a comforting, contented moment, so inviting 
l sat there all day and played hooky, the cats came and went in twos and threes, 
and where l'm snuggled right now with a rainbow duvet and a couple of cats for company
I'm making two in blues for the blue sofa and 2 more, but different colour ways
A variation of stripes to go with the other square one l made months ago
with a granny square reverse
36 chain to start....2 strands of DK, 6mm hook
72 DC sts. in the round 34 each side of the chain and then 2 extra, one each end and 38 rows including the chain row
New Fire pit arrived ready for our BBQ on Royal Wedding day.....not long to go now just 9days away

Next on the list are the garden chair cushions....all striped of the old covers, washed and dried in the sunshine yesterday, ready for later today

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
Hugs to all xx