Saturday 23 April 2011


Phil was at work until 2 so l got started on door removal and as many screws as l could remove,
but things really started to happen once he got home though!
All the units down on the short wall and 2 double units moved to under the new window all in less time than it took me to remove the doors and screws!
shiftin, shovin and lots of discussions later....we had a problem to solve!
keep the old fridge freezer or buy new!

The pictures really don't show how much bigger the space looks because of the improved eye line 
removing the upper darker units has really opened up the space
BUT!...always a but isn't there?
decision on do we keep the old but still working and integrated fridge/freezer that would ruin the flow and eye line space or buy a new but not integrated, low line, under work top (and a lot cheaper) white fridge and freezer and have open shelving above some where!!!

Let ya know what we decide tomorrow
but really really pleased we have removed the upper units, lost a couple of them to gain so much more open space

loving the space illusion so far, loathed to fill it with the old high line fridge freezer..and it was a bit manky when we took it out!

When everything is white and the lighter worktops added it it going to look how l thought it would, already does althought the wall behind the units is going to take more work than we realised...bit of a mess behind those wall units...
with some dodgy electrics too!
Did have my doubts in the first hour but by last night it was looking great, felt the same this morning when l got up..twice just to check it out hehe
off to check out low line fridges and freezers now as the shops open
then who knows what we will manage to do today!

Hugs to ALL 


  1. Looking good! =-) Funny, I am having my kitchen redone in my summer house and my cousin, PHIL, is doing it for me...must be something in the name...=-) Have a lovely Easter and I hope you find a great fridge! =-)

  2. Always something major going on over at yours Suz :-)
    Happy Easter to you both.
    A x

  3. I can't wait to see the finished project! Fun you get a new fridge!


  4. Being from the US it always surprises me to see undercounter fridge/freezers -- as well as washers and dryers under the counter. I assume this means you have to shop for milk and frozen foods, rather than store them, more often? Anyway your new kitchen looks wonderful and well planned. Bet you're really looking forward to all the renos being finished. Then you can go on a camping trip. When my husband and I were newly married we also had a Volkwagon camper. Loved it!

  5. Looking fab already, Lucky you having such a handyman for a hubby