Tuesday 26 April 2011

3rd and 4th day of Kitchen Makeover

Going well all the work tops cut and fitted and all the electrics sorted and the plaster board up
Slight hold up with the wall being so bad behind the units we took down and the side wall to the kitchen was two different depths so plaster board needed to be added to the original kitchen to match the extension built by the previous owners
So NO tiling today..tomorrow though should see it well under way

close of play lunch time today...

Phil then rushed off to give his 50th pint of Blood
He got an award for it too...

He gets and award from me too for my lovely new kitchen make-over...almost complete but an afternoon off today

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments...much appreciated 
I won't bore you with any more updates now until it really is finished and 'dressed' as they say in the house programmes...hehe
All the boring stuff to do like cleaning the plaster dust off the floor (already cleaned it 3 times!) 
and the saw dust off everything 
Oh!...and find room for all the stuff we had in 33 cupboards with 5 or is it 6 less

Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs xx


  1. I can't wait to see this with all your final

  2. I missed day 1 and 2 but it really looks like things are coming along there Suz! I can just picture the special touches you'll add to it! We've been trying to stay safe here in Arkansas. We've gotten a foot of rain in the last two days! Lots of flooding and there have been 11 people killed from either floods or tornadoes here in our state. We're going to Missouri this Thursday and it's supposed to rain while we're up there! Wish us luck as they've had tornadoes up there too.

    Hugs XX