Monday 25 April 2011

DAY 2 KITCHEN MAKEOVER...doubts all gone

Well l didn't want a smack bottom did l? lol...told Phil my doubts and all he said was....
"I'm going to smack your bottom for you, if you don't stop changing your mind, it's going to look great.
You've chosen what you stop hovering...or else!"
He was right too loving it looks lighter brighter and even bigger than before hehe!
2 new worktops under the window around the corner with the sink and new tap all in perfect working order...and no problems at all....all very straight forward and problem free
really has made a big difference and l love idea what got into me yesterday!

Should see the removal of all the black and the other two new worktops in.
 May be some trims on and all the stuff back in the rearranged and sparkling clean cupboards

The lighter worktops and the now white walls showing (tiling for me tomorrow l hope) 
has pushed out the walls and made the whole space so much lighter, brighter, sunnier and cotton woolly...a technical term..lovely feeling though hehe
Even the unit doors look lighter...always thought them to be quite dark

Huge Thanks everyone
for listening to my silly doubts yesterday...some days are just like that don't you think?
I know some will prefer the black and yes it did look ok but l wanted white and the visual space that creates and its just what l've got and more

Close of play last night...
still missing all the trims..kick boards, corner plate and tiles...but l feel very happy today bouncing around in our new space called The Kitchen

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES....cya later birthday cake waiting for you
27 where did all those years go to?



  1. Well done Suz and Phil. Love it!!

  2. Well Suz, I am glad all your doubts are gone and it schould be because it looks really lovely. Nice light and bright! Enjoy it.

    Have a great day,

  3. Its looking good Suz, glad you are pleased with it. Happy Birthday James...we share a birthday...I'm a lot older and yes Suz..where do all those years go..have a great day all of you.

  4. Kitchen is looking great Suz. It must be the time of year for birthdays....Our youngest daughter is 26 tomorrow and we are partying this evening here with a BBQ for all the family :-)
    A x

  5. Sorry. I meant to say Happy Birthday to James :-)
    A x

  6. The kitchen looks lovely and bright. I like your pots on the window sill.

  7. OH MY! It's truly amazing how that has brightened everything up..the picture really captures just what you said..I love it!! I'm so glad you do too. :)

  8. Hi Suz.

    !! I love it !!! you have good taste.
    Bless you.

    Martha ( Costa Rica )

  9. It looks beautiful! =-) I will get to see my new kitchen in my summer home day after tomorrow and I can NOT wait!!! I hope it looks as nice and clean and bright as yours =-)

  10. It looks lovely and it will be a hell of a lot easier to keep looking clean than black worktops, our black worktops are cleaned and look dirty 20 seconds later :-(

  11. Wonderful job. I'm hoping you will be finished soon, so you can relax and enjoy the big English day at the end of the week. I'm so excited I can hardly wait. Even though that means I need to be up about 3am here.... or probably better just stay up and hook till than.