Sunday 3 April 2011


It got worse...
then a bit better...there is a floor under that lot!...
then it got even
then it got worse still...
then it got a bit better...
more floor and a!
then an oil cloth covering..wipe clean...something unmentionable on the table when l cleared it...sick yuk..told ya it was bad and needed sorting!
a place for my sewing machine and a place for the over locker and a chair...all plugged in a ready to go
sofa's in place cushions at the ready...

rug down everything cleaned and hoovered
and just where l'm sitting right now with 3 in the middle and one each side of me and one in the window
The sideboard, right hand corner...draw going, when we have emptied it and found a home for all the a draw and it won't close again so it's just got to go

The old chest by the side of my desk will be put in its place, that is full of fabric 
Just need to finish painting the walls, get the shelves back up and only one box to sort then all finished...just like me l'm totally wasted...think l'll stay in bed tomorrow and sleep it off
LOOK...a big clean mess free table to play on!

All day it's taken to get this far...Sweet dream everyone, l'm off to bed bit of TV if l can 
stay awake that is
Hope it never gets so untidy again
hugs xx


  1. Well done! It look so lovely and inviting. It takes me days to do a tidy up like this. I have someone very important coming this week and I'm so worried everywhere will have my crafty bits and bobs poking out still. I dream of having a separate craft room like this but for now I have a corner in the lounge and hopefully I'll be able to take over most of the dining room once it's decorated. Rachael Xx

  2. Hi Suz! I'm so proud of you to tidy up your craft conservatory! My "office" is so bad I wouldn't DARE take a photo of it! We've gone in and sorted and tried but after hours of it it just looks the same or worse! I'm just glad my "hoarding" problem hasn't taken over the whole house. :-)

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  3. I'm jealous... I wish I had a craft conservatory, as Teresa said! My stuff is creeping up everywhere, out of every nick and cranny I can find (they boys' rooms, my own closet, the pantry...) and praying nobody will touch it so I'll know where I put them lol
    Great job, Suz :)

  4. Great job! And what a nice big & bright sunny room, just lovely! The kids all moved out so I took one of their rooms for my crafts but every thing is so piled up. Been wanting to get it organized for months but can't seem to stay well enough through this winter.. Gonna get started tomorrow!! Love all of your colorful projects always look forward to see what you are going to post next.. Hope you feel better soon!! God Bless !!

  5. Love it!! You have been very busy!!

  6. I just love the way the natural light fills the place, very inspirational.

  7. What a fabulous space - everything to hand and lots of lovely light.

  8. What an amazing space to work in. The sun light is wonderful, I am so jealous. I have a closet.

  9. Oh my, this looks absolutely gorgeous. I envy you! :D

  10. Great job !!! It's wonderfull with some case and all is in order... It's a wonderfull space, I want the same
    Have a good week

  11. Wow, you did a great job, cleaning and sorting etc. The room looks great. I wish I had a craftroom like that! Well done.
    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  12. What a fantastic craft room! I love the wall of windows around the top letting in all that sunshine. And I love the orange sofa...I wouldn't change it..what a great pop of color and it displays your crochet throws wonderfully.

  13. Thanks everyone..promise to get back to you all asap...when the craft room is finished
    Love the space again now it is tidy lol
    Hugs and love to all xx