Sunday 10 April 2011


Can't believe my laptop is on the blink yet again!...Charging problems
I'll never buy another ACER again..second one that has had the same problem
Quick post may be my last for a few l'll say it with flowers
and a few more...
pretty pastels...
last for now...
Have a Sunny Sunday everyone
Hugs x


  1. lovely flowers ! and hopefully I see more of them soon with a non-broken laptop ;) !

  2. Hello, I was delighted with their work. If you do not mind, next week I'll post some pictures of his work there on the blog. Day 16 take a look and see if it approves.

  3. No.......say it isn't so..... No more Acer please. We don't like to miss a thing. Scooter just got me a toshiba for travel and I love it. Only 3.2 lbs. Smaller screen but perfect for carrying on a plane. Love the flowers.

  4. I clicked on your blog page and my screen came up with the saying "web page not available." What the heck?!?! Actually, the router decided to take a nap. Just thought it was funny to read the title of your blog post, click on it and lose my Internet connection. Hope you have better luck with your computer. I prefer the old fashioned desktop models. Your flowers are cute. Have a good day...

  5. So pretty! Sorry about the lappy troubles!

  6. I don't think it's just Acer, I am on my 2nd laptop same problem, and this one is a Dell.

  7. Suz, have you considered a Mac? I sure do love mine and it never fails me. Love the flowers.. hope you get a new lappie soon. Don't want to miss you!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  8. Gorgeous flowers! Perfect post for a beautiful spring day! Sorry about the laptop. I, too, have an Acer and it's been a pain in the you-know-what. Never again will I buy one. Hope yours is an easy fix!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous Suz! And how wonderfully Springlike it is too.

    Hugs XX

  10. I am very lucky to have an IPad Suz. I bought it for my work, but it's my blogging companion. It's my diary too. So you can imagine how handy it is.
    Love your flowers.

  11. My first (and subsequently last) laptop was an ACER and it also went belly up, over heating then the battery failed to hold its charge. I'm back to my original PC! Beautiful flowers - love them x