Wednesday 6 April 2011


NEVER NEVER what l did this morning
first though....
Thanks for all the lovely comments and l do agree the space is so comfy and inviting and makes you want to play...AND I LOVE IT FOR THAT...all the furballs love it too
BUT...this morning l leapt out of bed to take another peek at my lovely new craft room, passing the bathroom, l thought l'll run the bath while l make a cuppa 
and you can guess what happened can't you?

I got distracted by a very PRETTY FLOWER...half made the first one before.... 
all of a sudden 
l remembered the running bath...

I've never run so fast, checking the ceiling as l pass the kitchen door, with millimetres to go

Never ever run the bath and go to your newly decorated and very inviting craft room and get distracted with pretties....will ya?

Went back to them later...hope you like them?
 l would love to do a wall collage of these little pretties...cover a wall space and l know just the spot too...hehe
Based loosely on the LOO ROLL FLOWERS from Michele's original idea before Christmas
Strips of pretty papers cut and rolled then layered in rounds..simple but a tad fiddly and using the hot glue gun is a pain with the strings of glue like cobwebs every where lol

What started it all off this morning and inspired me was the flowers l saw on 
fabulous fabrics and gorgeous patchwork, l might do a patchwork cushion or two to mix with the new crochet sofa cushions

Have a wonderful Wednesday
hugs to all xx


  1. that's a lot of water!!! the flowers are gorgeous. the mix of papers you've used is so fresh, Suz!

  2. Gasp,Gasp,Gasp
    Lordy, Lordy, Lordy
    Be still my heart....
    I knew just where this story was going. It could very well have been me. I do stuff like this all the time.

    Those are some great flowers. Can't wait to get back home and give them a try.

  3. Wow that was close!
    I guess if I had such pretty flowers and running bath this would've ended a disaster ))
    Congrats with your new inspiring crafty room!

  4. Beautiful flowers! I can understand how you would be distracted =-)

  5. Phew!!! What a close call!!! Lovely flowers!!

  6. I think my heart stopped Suz!! Wow that was a close call and it does sound just like something that I would do. I just love the flowers though, how awesome they are! Have a good rest of the day!

    Hugs XX

  7. Glad you got back in time to avoid a big mess. Your craft room is fantastic!!! I can see why you were distracted. Your flowers are beautiful! Thanks so much for the link to Michele's idea. I loved your previous loo roll flowers and was curious about how you made them. I saved some to experiment with.

  8. So glad you caught it in time Suz.
    Love the flowers

  9. Suz, I love, love your flowers!! Very inspiring! I think as soon as I can, I will try a fabric version. Of course, when I do, I will link back to this post.

    By the way, I have visited Shropshire before- on my last trip to your country. We stayed at the Citadel, near Shrewsbury. Stunning countryside!

    Keep creating! Carla from FeatheredFibers Blog