Tuesday 30 April 2013


Decided to re-model the Daisy cushions into the first chair cover,
I finished it last night.
Not sure if I should add a skirt or not, the 4 cuhions plus one additional daisy square made thIS first finished dining chair cover, If I add a skirt I will need to make another 12 Daisy Squares?

...just need to finish the other 3 now lol
please with the first one just hope I love the other three as much?
I did have 8 of these chairs, but I have lent 4 of the white painted ones to someone,
now I know why I keep stuff, never know when you might want it hey? lol
Looks like I might have a bit more painting to do, if I want a matched set.
 MY PATTERNS....that will be for sale.
I will have the chosen patterns for sale by the end of May and will post a list.
Thanks for asking.
Happy Hooking

Monday 29 April 2013

4 colour Bunting and a few more stars...

Added one more colour to the daisy bunting
and a few more Victorian stars
I have a large bag of ends, surprise surprise I found a few more Aran Weight colours to do more stars.
So a Shawl / Wrap in a mix of colours perhaps?
Happy Hooking x

Sunday 28 April 2013


Lots more still to make..will try and get another row done tonight.
 Really had a fabulous time at the Wonder Wool Wales Show yesterday....spent the whole time smilling, every five minutes someone tapped me on the shoulder or just in passing said how they loved my granny square coat..must have been about 30+ people and what was great all ages loved it from the young ones to my age...going to make another for next winter the pattern will be one for sale.
And a lovely lady recognised me by the coat from the blog and asked if I was The 8th Gem...fame at last lol!
I didn't buy a lot of yarn just 3 more colours of Aran weight,  £2.50 - 50grm ball....
but I did buy 2 vintage crochet books, A compilation of 19 Century patterns and a book published in 1959, some wonderfully inspirational designs, just need to give them a modern twist...
Part of a place mat...I have made into a double flower.
GRANNY SQUARE COAT POSTS ...finished photo

Friday 26 April 2013

First of the chair covers started....

Started the first of the chair covers yesterday...an abandoned piece I had started but didn't like the white I had used as the joining background, yarn and colour were wrong.
Quick trip to the wholesaler for  a pack of PATONS FAIRYTALE 100% PURE WOOL...
a perfect colour although the photograph doesn't show the difference at all there is a huge change
Can't make up my mind...all the same or all different?
Probably all different with a colour link...I think i would get bored doing four the same, like making a king size bed throw!
By bedtime last night I had them all back together and had added 5 more. to make the start of the chair back bag.
Lets see it I can double the number today.....?
Happy Hooking x

Wednesday 24 April 2013

A decision made...

 Large Double White flower.
Double sided for hanging up..so it doesn't matter when it spins around there is a flower both sides....

hard to show bothsides at once lol
SPOT BLANKET  is growning ever so slowly...
I have made up my mind to go for it, as from today a few of my past freebie patterns will no longer be free , it's been a fun time sharing a lot of crochet with a lot of fantastic friends but....... business is business. lol
The 12 free 2013patterns.....
All the 2013 patterns are still free for anyone to use with a link back to me and only for personal use please as there is now a copy right on them.
But some old pattern Links have been removed and patterns deleted from the blog.....Sorry about that.
I did say I would never go back into a craft business but the book has made a difference so I am going to see how things go.
As soon as I get PDF Files etc. sorted in about a month I guess, I will share the adventure and the new patterns.
Hope you will support me in this veture, mean while I will still be sharing some crochet projects with you all......


Tuesday 23 April 2013

A bit of fun bunting for the trade stand....

 Lots of people use bunting on their campers at the VW Camper Shows so I though I would do some with the Daisy design for the trade stand.
Brup Brup keeps going in this bag of wool and pulling out the same ball.......
rolls around with it and gives it lots of Love...no idea why that particular ball?
 Some Log Cabin and spot blanket Prorgess
Happy Hooking x

Saturday 20 April 2013


Never did add buttons to this set of cushions so on taking them off to wash, they never got put back together......
I found them yesterday buried in the craft room with several other cushion covers. As I am trying to turn some old dining chairs into upholstered chairs I wondered if the cushion covers would fit and make covers?
They did....so a spark of an idea was formed
The 3rd red Moss stitch covers I am making also fits snugly over the chair back as well.
So rather than making fabric covers (Sewing always feels like work these days) I will make crochet ones.......9 granny squares will make the seat and 24 will make a complete back with a plain underside to the seat section.
4 chairs to cover and so many ideas I think would work
Phil has asked if I would make a couple of covers for Berties front seat too...
and he likes the Bobble hex lap blanket..funky hey?

Sunday 14 April 2013

Tea for Two anyone?....

I'M IN TEARS click to read the wonderful post
Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse, Elizabeth has given my first crochet book,
one hell of a wonderful write up.

I can't thank you enough Elizabeth you have said everything I wished for the book....all that I hoped the book would do, inspire and help people enjoy the wonderful art of crochet.
I Thank you with all my heart and I cant express how pleased you have made me feel.
Thank you x

Yesterday we took a trip to our lovely shops in Shrewsbury, visiting one Vintage style shop Phil spotted a basket full of wool and the sign said £5 for the lot...well a bargain for sure.
 Mixed up with the wool was a tea cosy...with a bird on the top.
but it started me off on a flowery journey of tea cosies.
I have started with a very basic granny shell cosy and added one or two flowers for decoration, a complete cosy can be made in under an hour.....addictive me thinks!
Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of weeks, lots of thinking to do, lots of jobs I absolutely needed to do and lots of visitors....can't believe it's a couple of weeks since I last posted......life just flies by.
The vintage craft fair was great and I am thinking of taking a stand in the next one!!!!
On the way home we called at Ippikin wool shop in Much Wenlock and they had my book in stock, well one any way, they had sold all  of their first order except the one already
....it's so exciting.
Thank you so much for the lovely, lovely private messages the comments on Amazon and Ravelry too.
Thank you, thank you, thank you it seems to have been given the thumbs up so far.
I'm really, really chuffed to bits.
Sorry but the free patterns a week are on hold for now...still trying to decide what to do.