Sunday 30 September 2018

GRANNY SQUARE COAT Pattern and lots of motif variations

My friends Chris, Chris, Louise and Kathryn wearing my a Poppy's Workshop

and me wearing it at a VW Camper show in North wales.....
a well worn coat, always got lovely comments on when I wore it.

All the Hookers are all different shapes and sizes tall short and in between and it fits and suits them all..thanks to all for a modelling the coat for me xx

Saturday 29 September 2018

6 POINT FLOWER...2 versions



A very old pattern i made several in shades of pink
todays version is a Blue shaded Rose...

sewing them together takes a little practise...but making them is easy just base chain and 2 rows 

Friday 28 September 2018


This started life as a normal poncho and could be just that using the start of the pattern but i turned it 90deg, and added wrist warmer sleeves..wore it to death, still hanging in the wardrobe but not worn it for a couple of years now.


This simple, 2 round motif makes a fabulous delicate scarf...another pattern that would use up all those tiny ends of yarn mix with a ball or two of a background colour to make a pretty little Lacey Scarf....resembling a Celtic Cross in a circle

Wednesday 26 September 2018

THE completed

A Square blanket pattern, to use up all those left overs, worked with shaded sock wool, as one yarn with 5mm hook. 
Divide all your left overs, into each colour and tie them all together in magic balls of reds, blues, green and purples, join with a yellow shade and crochet a colourful blanket.

 Joined with a loop join.
Finished with a border of close 'v' stitch

Saturday 22 September 2018

TRIANGLE BLANKET use up all those left overs!


The Blanket is now called THE WINCHESTER

How to make an isosceles and right angled triangle blanket using up all your left overs in Magic balls

I've still not joined this one together and added a border but its going to be started this weekend so hopefully all joined together by Monday
 But the pattern link above will get you started on this one...enjoy 

 joined together with yellow and white to black shaded Sock wool

Border is finish and added
to the pattern post 

Friday 21 September 2018

CAROUSEL CAL still going strong LINK

all the posts I did linked to the Carousel Cal in 2016..still going strong.
pastel version

Hanging on the line...

almost completed Carousel..

Batik yarn version...The completed Carousel is huge over 6" across 

King Arthurs Round Table version..Winchester Great Hall inspired

in the design stage...

the brights version..

the left overs Secret blanket..

I see lots are still making the Carousel CAL...brilliant to see the hundreds already made still and posting on the 
Official Facebook 

Unfortunately they are to longer promoting the CAL.....But the pattern is still there to be made so don't miss out..any problems finding the pattern just leave me message...enjoy xx