Thursday 20 September 2018


I did say i would have completed the Alternative Solid Granny Square Blanket for you today , but i did the 2" border but want to try a flower edge finish 
and I just ran out of time last night...later or tomorrows post, promise.

But here is a wonderful stitch to try in a Cowl pattern...

click link for the pattern

One group of my favourite stitches, interlocking stitches...mix plain with space dyed yarn or two shades of space dyed yarns together to get some fabulous effects....enjoy

dk, 4mm hook
Black centre, 2 rounds of coloured petals

Magic circle
Round 1: ch2, counts as first dc, 11dc into circle, sl st, to complete [12dc]
Round 2: cont in black, ch3, miss a st, sc, into next st, repeat to end sl st, to complete. [6 xch3 loops]
Round 3: att. petal colour, in any ch3, loop, ch2, 5dc, into loop ch2, sl st into loop, sl st, into next ch3 loops and repeat in each ch3 loop. [6 x 7dc, petals]

Round 4: cont in same colour, ch3, sc, between first round of petals, ch3 sc between next 2 petals, repeat to end. [6 X ch3 loops]

Round 5: att second petal colour, in any ch3, loop, ch2, 7dc into same loop, ch2 sl st into same loops, sl st into next loop repeat for all 6 petals, sly t to complete. [6 x 9dc, petals]

Leave a long end to sew on a pin
Make 3 and pin close together on the cowl

Block Stitch Checks
 3dc, Block stitch checks each row a new colour


  1. That looks great! Especially in this yarn combination.

    1. Thanks, it was well liked when i originally did the pattern in 2014 xx