Thursday 29 April 2010


We still have lots to bring over to Bakewell...hell knows where l'm going to put it all no attic space here and the attic is full of mostly my old craft projects and collectables from my old shop and marital home 

Do wish l was better at getting rid of old possessions

Lettuce did a tour of the garden yesterday 
..................then went back to her bed hehehe a real loner is our Lettuce not helped by the fact that none of the other furballs like her......poor Lettuce
Howls in the middle of the night she was trapped half way up the stairs Mr T at the bottom and Brupbrup and Splodge at the top!....TO THE RESCUE I feel tired from having another broken nights sleep do wish they all got on better although now they are all going outside and have some freedom it's not so frantic!

Thanks for the comments on the wallpaper dilemma still can't make my mind up......
had thought about a patchwork of all of them VERY OTT that might look........a freebie though because l could use all the paper sample l have....mmmmmmmmm a little project to try out maybe

Kate..glad you are enjoying the d├ęcor ideas 
 it's the dryer you can see next to the cooker and will eventually be in the garage l hope 
don't use it much
Bakewell's kitchen is not a particularly good layout and it's a big 'L' shape with no utility but some UK house have utility/laundry rooms but unfortunately not this one day maybe!

Wednesday 28 April 2010


Think l must be a bit of a drama Queen hehe...loving the shocking pink and colours in this one l found it tonight...was thinking embrace the black instead of trying to tone it down? l already love and have a lot of the pink maybe.....rocking my boat so far and it picks out the colours in my favourite rug....


Really need to live with the Cherry units and black worktops for a while so the thinking was the back wall behind the cooker papered with some thing black and many l like here are 3 but really can't decide between them or the other 20 l like......any suggestions welcomed pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Something soft and country something dramatic having a bad day internet been playing up all day
help 1st frustrated to the auction fingers crossed that doesn't send me up the wall tonight too!
The hood is on and took longer than we thought 

Tuesday 27 April 2010


Lettuce has joined me this sun filled day so she is venturing out of her bedroom slowly
Phil has gone to fill up Noo Noo again with more of our...can't throw it away stuff....hehe
l've stayed here to welcome an inspection from the local council tax people.....they need to update their records and this house....hope they don't put up our council tax!
l'm so glad to be back but l will need to curb my time on here for now still so much to do at Bakewell

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.
Mother Teresa 

Monday 26 April 2010


Hi missed me?....l sure have missed all of you and blog land taken all day to sort out the internet but back in business at long last
Still got a house full of boxes and bags that haven't been opened yet but new cooker delivered today so we can pack away the camping stove at long last hood still to be put up and connected but the duel fuel cooker is ready for its 1st breakfast tomorrow morning
smart hey?....a present for Phil as he does most of the cooking in this much better at it than l am
All the furballs have settled in so well tried letting the brothers out for a short stroll around the garden last Saturday  easy peasy they didn't want to go far but Mr T was a different story so waited for Phil to come home and he took off as expected but missed us and came back 10 minutes later after that they all went out and took a good look around and all came back after an hour or so
Lettuce is still hiding under the bed but she always did like to be alone and out of the way...comes down stairs for a you know what and a bowl of meat but has water and dried food in her bedroom..hehe give her a fuss a couple of times a day but other than that doesn't seem to need anything else

don't like the fireplace as l said and it's not covering well with the white eggshell paint still needs a 3rd coat and the inside stone/marble backing needs lightening some how so been playing with bits of wall paper....may try the beadboard paper on the inside see what it looks like
and love the black on cream paper at the side not sure where yet love the wallpapers but never sure where to put them and how many walls!!..not helped that Phil really HATES wallpaper

Loving all the red and white in the house that seems to be appearing lol.....
tried the £1 bed head that Phil says he can make 18" wider!! not sure how but we'll see

still need to hang paintings and pictures on walls but liking the painted dining room furniture and coloured place mats....we've eaten every meal at this table since moving in unlike the old house where we never used it
Layout of house is so perfect for us
again lots to sort out yet but my craft room come conservatory is taking shape 
lovely sun filled room the boys love the high window for a stroll or a sun bath or just  to watch the world go by

We need 3 new windows at the front of the house all the seals have gone and you can't see through the upstairs windows...had the quotes....gulp 
but got to have them done change the look of the house a bit l hope
Great to be back in blog land l've really missed you all 
Really looking forward to catching up with every ones blog tales over the next few days
sweet dreams all hugs from Bakewell xx

Wednesday 21 April 2010


Just a little taster from the pub phone but no internet till next Monday 
Fabulous house adore everything about it still moving the craft stuff in looks like my craft room will be the conservatory with a sofa and TV too EVERYTHING IS PILED UP IN THERE...for now 

so many boxes to unpack...ooops need to down size my craftin l think hehehe

Almost every plan l made for Bakewell has changed but we adore the space and love he sun filled rooms
1st night l got up and couldn't find the light switch on the stairs so l ripped off my finger nail..not nice!

The boys have all settled in Mr T a bit of a rouge though chasing the others because he loves the out doors and can't go out yet!

lots to tell but not enough time now
 thanks again for all the lovely comments and hope to be back on line early next week

Lots of friends been to see us and all said we have a lot of house for the money which is why we moved so quick on it....and they all love it so far but still lots to do and a long and l hope interesting and creative journey to come
But definitely the best thing we ever could have done
Hugs and love go all cya soon  xx
ps the portrait of my Mum on the fireplace is smiling more than before!!!...spooky xx

Thursday 15 April 2010


Noo Noo doing her bit another load of small bits and pieces over today
Well 8 litres of white matt paint later..master bedroom en suite bathroom lounge and dining room all 2 coats of paint and the kitchen one we can't do any more painting for now.......moving tomorrow and Saturday the rest will be painted when we get settled in

Lounge starting to look better and the fireplace has had one coat of eggshell will try to do another tomorrow

Pick up the van tomorrow at 8 pick up a friend and then pack it up with beds sofa's tables and chairs all the bigger furniture
Will be sleeping here Saturday night move as complete as we can manage this weekend and anything left will be small and can come over in the next week in the car and Noo Noo

The boys are wondering what is happening l'm sure!! lol
Phone is on but the internet will take till the 26th April so we may be off line for a few days with only the local pub wifi
No aches tonight but l am tired waking real early so tomorrow l will be getting up and packing the glass and anything that will fit into the boxes

So guys if you don't hear from me for a few day wish us luck with the actual move and cya asap
Hugs to all and thanks again for the good wishes and lovely comments
We really couldn't be happier with Bakewell it really is rocking our boat
bye for now!!

Wednesday 14 April 2010


No Bakewell pics tonight lots finished off but nothing really to see as such
except these new chair covers home early to collect Noo Noo so we both did a bit here ready to take in the morning
I bought a Ivory fleecy blanket cut it in half and made two easily removable covers for a couple of Ikea chairs 

This is what they look like underneath....the boys decided they needed re-modelling!!!!
bad puddy tat!
They attacked both sides of both chairs so l had a couple of cerise fleece blankets over them and for some reason they don't claw the fleece!
I want them in the lounge at Bakewell and cerise pink just won't go!! lol

This door had a huge hole in it so Phil has cut out the bad bit and filled it with a block of wood.....filler to come then a second sand....will be like new
ready for the new door handles when they all arrive

CONGRATULATIONS NOO NOO.....passed with flying colours she did....we were real pleased

Early start tomorrow because we have got to bring the big move in forward a day so lots still to do before the big furniture arrives
Phil wants to go to a VW Camper show on Sunday...give me time to re-arrage the bits and pieces
Night all again thanks for the good wishes and sweet dreams xx

Tuesday 13 April 2010


Thanks all for the lovely comments so worn out not done so much work for a good few years now hehehe
To all that asked yes the camper is ours meet Noo Noo a 1976 Late Bay
her MOT tomorrow so wish her luck we will have had her almost a year and the reason we moved house!!!
LOVE hey!

Bakewell update
Started with the master bedroom and en suite...emulsion finished but no wallpaper yet 
but there will be tomorrow
great wardrobe space l'm sure l will fill it hehe

beautiful pale blue was over powered by the 3 lemon painted the lemon white and going to bring out the blue

Chosen wallpaper for the head board wall,,tomorrow it will be on the wall
 l want the front door painted a pale colour played with soft lime green but decided on a very pale aqua blue
but you will have to wait to see that till we move in propa!! lol

white walls instead of the lemon looks sooooooooooooooooooo much better added a couple of blue jugs for the pic hehehe
and the flowers will be aded some where l think cut them out on the way home
shelves to go up and all sorts of things to be added yet though
more lemon paint in here too now its white and some black and white towels added and a shower curtain will be added soon

and the Bakewell Bench fit very snugly in its space...1st coat of white  paint on the porch walls and the hook board high up on the wall waiting for a set of black antique hooks to arrive then we can hang our coats up

and the cushion will be different something to match the new door colour maybe

Keep watching more pics to come tomorrow
hugs all xx

Monday 12 April 2010


Won't bore you with to much info this week just the daily progress photos
All l'll say is up at 7.30 packed Noo Noo with essentials waited till 11 then started making phone calls couldn't wait any longer....another wait till 1 then we were told it was just a phone call to say pick up the keys so we left to do a bit of shopping paint etc....just came out of B&Q and the phone went keys are yours.....
So at 2.10 we were unlocking BAKEWELL......unpacked and had a bite to eat then started in the master bedroom with the white paint......oh and lots of txt messages from friends to see if we had the keys

pics as l took them

one of our orange sofas looks a bit lonesome on it's own lol

view through the French doors in the conservatory..l'll move the bin tomorrow!!

big space where the new cooker will go when we buy one that is!!!

ooops so many photos l'll show you around the bedroom we painted tomorrow morning
almost finished the master and en suite one wall waiting for the wall paper we will pick up on the way there tomorrow

Right now l'm totally wiped so excited l haven't eaten properly for 2 days just felt sick l was that
Nite nite sweet dreams all xx

Saturday 10 April 2010


On our visit to measure up last week one of the double gates blew too and gave Noo Noo a nasty slap although bits didn't drop off Noo Noo like they did with the gate....ooops
So she got a couple of presents to make her feel better....or was that to make Phil feel better? lol

the scratch mostly came out but she still needs the dent dealing with!

 real excitement yesterday as all the papers are signed and the money is in place to pay for Bakewell and as there is no one above or chain 
We should have a phone call sometime Monday 12th April to go pick up the keys!

Just mind that gate Noo Noo!!!!!!!!!!

Bit sad my friend Kathryn is going home today we've had a fabulous week...going to miss you
But you'll be back when Lilly has had her pups and maybe you'll have a house move to tell me all about!

Friday 9 April 2010


Bought a silver plated jug only a fiver but looks good with the white candles stick and Dad's original drawing of Mum on the mantle 

A fabulous day out yesterday we spend hours browsing at Dagfields Antiques and Craft centre lunch in the conservatory and couldn't believe the time when we looked at the clock!!...ooooops

Got up early and almost painted  it before we went out....left it a bit too long and the distressing was harder to do!
To distress a little, a lot or not at all???
Going to add some of the bead board wallpaper to the plain middle section later

Yet another sun filled day here again
hope you all get a look at the sun today too 
hugs all

Wednesday 7 April 2010


Been given permission to show Elmo and his new family and l hear he has been on holiday in Devon and has learn't to sit already...little stunner he is
What do you think?
On his holidays in Devon..cute hey?

K is looking to move house too and we drove all the way back to see a house yesterday...l'm in some people live!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 6 April 2010


We only went for two of the wooden table tops one to finish the Bakewell Bench off and the other to go on the 2nd console in my shed that never had a wooden we will have two matching consoles for the new house
BUT Ikea won again and we spent around £150 and not the £60 the work tops cost a bargain though.....

Love this new Ikea chair but it was £69!... pricey by Ikea standards but soooo comfy to sit in unlike some of the wonderful looking chairs look good only 
But this one we really liked but couldn't afford it right now with the move but we checked out the bargain department AS YOU DO!!......

There it was ex display and only £44.50 A FABULOUS we just had to bring it home..didn't we?????
Couldn't see anything wrong with it other than a couple of tiny black marks on a leg and a few finger marks..all of which wiped!! happy bunny

Arrived home and Phil got out his saw and cut the Bakewell Bench seat from one of the work tops we bought
not sure it works as a wood seat l think it needs painting white too if the legs had been more square and simple more Shaker looking it would work but with the turned legs l think the whole thing should be painted
What do you all think?

Thinking caps on to see what can we make with the left overs now !!!
2 work tops and a chair accounts for just over  hundred so what did we or should l say I! with the other 50 quid!!
Lots of candles 6 glass bowls and 6 small white plates and Phil threw in a couple of lime green cushions for Noo Noo...update on Noo Noo to come soon.......been in the wars a bit and had some work done too

Stopped off at the garden centre on the way back and found a metal sweetie tin perfect to make the candle tray on the new candle sticks....and the sweets weren't bad either lol

To be painted yet and screwed to the top ready for the new candle

Then Kathryn arrived with chocs and her flowers bought for her by one of the puppies new owners so l'm looking after them for her as she will be spending a lot of time here this week hehe l hope
We treated them and us to a yummy Chinese last night and took it to their caravan as they can't leave the dogs...WOW WOW WOW!!
Hoping there will be photo's to come of their FABULOUS CARAVAN and 3 wonderful dogs...but need permission 1st

Cya later K....and it was great to meet OH....Andy thanks for bringing my friend so close for a whole week