Wednesday 28 April 2010


Think l must be a bit of a drama Queen hehe...loving the shocking pink and colours in this one l found it tonight...was thinking embrace the black instead of trying to tone it down? l already love and have a lot of the pink maybe.....rocking my boat so far and it picks out the colours in my favourite rug....


  1. Perfect. The pink rocks the black. I think it will turn out stunning. Like the sage green in there too. Bring the garden right inside.

    This is so much fun seeing all that you are doing. Here in the U.S., it's crazy for us to see a clothes washer in the kitchen. Isn't the difference between there and here fun to see.

    Off to get some shut eye,

  2. It is beautiful wallpaper but with so much black the kitchen may feel like it's shrinking in. Just a thought.

  3. Thanks everyone still not sure love them all really had thought about a patchwork using all of them so watch this day that back wall WILL have paper on it one way or another hehehe
    hugs xx

  4. Hi Suz love this one looks fab!! So sorry missed you but went to bed at seven and slept right through, feeling better for the sleep but have a stinking headache, looking forward to the break over bank holiday. glad i didnt miss much at auction hope to catch you at the next one((( hugs))))


  5. Going for the black back ground with the big pink flowers only the back wall so should look good...l hope lol watch this space!