Tuesday 6 April 2010


We only went for two of the wooden table tops one to finish the Bakewell Bench off and the other to go on the 2nd console in my shed that never had a wooden top...so we will have two matching consoles for the new house
BUT Ikea won again and we spent around £150 and not the £60 the work tops cost lol....got a bargain though.....

Love this new Ikea chair but it was £69!... pricey by Ikea standards but soooo comfy to sit in unlike some of the wonderful looking chairs look good only 
But this one we really liked but couldn't afford it right now with the move but we checked out the bargain department AS YOU DO!!......

There it was ex display and only £44.50 A FABULOUS SAVING..so we just had to bring it home..didn't we?????
Couldn't see anything wrong with it other than a couple of tiny black marks on a leg and a few finger marks..all of which wiped off..wow!! happy bunny

Arrived home and Phil got out his saw and cut the Bakewell Bench seat from one of the work tops we bought
not sure it works as a wood seat l think it needs painting white too if the legs had been more square and simple more Shaker looking it would work but with the turned legs l think the whole thing should be painted
What do you all think?

Thinking caps on to see what can we make with the left overs now !!!
2 work tops and a chair accounts for just over  hundred so what did we or should l say I!...buy with the other 50 quid!!
Lots of candles 6 glass bowls and 6 small white plates and Phil threw in a couple of lime green cushions for Noo Noo...update on Noo Noo to come soon.......been in the wars a bit and had some work done too

Stopped off at the garden centre on the way back and found a metal sweetie tin perfect to make the candle tray on the new candle sticks....and the sweets weren't bad either lol

To be painted yet and screwed to the top ready for the new candle

Then Kathryn arrived with chocs and her flowers bought for her by one of the puppies new owners so l'm looking after them for her as she will be spending a lot of time here this week hehe l hope
We treated them and us to a yummy Chinese last night and took it to their caravan as they can't leave the dogs...WOW WOW WOW!!
Hoping there will be photo's to come of their FABULOUS CARAVAN and 3 wonderful dogs...but need permission 1st

Cya later K....and it was great to meet OH....Andy thanks for bringing my friend so close for a whole week


  1. I think a nice padded cushion would look good on your seat :-)
    A x

  2. I agree with A, a nice padded seat, if you are not sure about painting. Just incase you decide later on you wished that you hadn't painted it. You certainly had a wonderfully busy weekend but well spent by the looks of all your goodies.
    Nicky x