Friday 2 April 2010


We will use 3 of the auction find turned legs and a couple of pieces of the wood to finish the construction of the Bakewell bench 

We collected lots of measurements form Bakewell on Tuesday and the porch space was 5' 1" so plenty big enough for the double bed bench
OH did a bit more on the bench yesterday we decided to give it a lidded seat hide all that junk that always seems to appear in our home hehehe
but he ran out of time to finish it.....just needs the legs cutting to size and the hinged lid cutting and then we can sand glue and screw it all together and l can paint it and make a cushion ready for the Bakewell porch
this is the stage before the base and lower back panel were added

back and base board cut still no front legs seat lid yet

Getting there slowly...he's only at work one day this week so we should have lots of finished projects to see during next week!

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