Wednesday 21 April 2010


Just a little taster from the pub phone but no internet till next Monday 
Fabulous house adore everything about it still moving the craft stuff in looks like my craft room will be the conservatory with a sofa and TV too EVERYTHING IS PILED UP IN THERE...for now 

so many boxes to unpack...ooops need to down size my craftin l think hehehe

Almost every plan l made for Bakewell has changed but we adore the space and love he sun filled rooms
1st night l got up and couldn't find the light switch on the stairs so l ripped off my finger nail..not nice!

The boys have all settled in Mr T a bit of a rouge though chasing the others because he loves the out doors and can't go out yet!

lots to tell but not enough time now
 thanks again for all the lovely comments and hope to be back on line early next week

Lots of friends been to see us and all said we have a lot of house for the money which is why we moved so quick on it....and they all love it so far but still lots to do and a long and l hope interesting and creative journey to come
But definitely the best thing we ever could have done
Hugs and love go all cya soon  xx
ps the portrait of my Mum on the fireplace is smiling more than before!!!...spooky xx


  1. Hi suz
    been thinking of you, missing you here in blogland so come back soon! Love the pictures, looks full of light, enjoy it looks like it was worth every penny xxx(((hugs))))


  2. OOhh, so good to hear from you Suz! I know you've been working hard but please take a little time for yourself. Lookin good girlfriend!