Monday 12 April 2010


Won't bore you with to much info this week just the daily progress photos
All l'll say is up at 7.30 packed Noo Noo with essentials waited till 11 then started making phone calls couldn't wait any longer....another wait till 1 then we were told it was just a phone call to say pick up the keys so we left to do a bit of shopping paint etc....just came out of B&Q and the phone went keys are yours.....
So at 2.10 we were unlocking BAKEWELL......unpacked and had a bite to eat then started in the master bedroom with the white paint......oh and lots of txt messages from friends to see if we had the keys

pics as l took them

one of our orange sofas looks a bit lonesome on it's own lol

view through the French doors in the conservatory..l'll move the bin tomorrow!!

big space where the new cooker will go when we buy one that is!!!

ooops so many photos l'll show you around the bedroom we painted tomorrow morning
almost finished the master and en suite one wall waiting for the wall paper we will pick up on the way there tomorrow

Right now l'm totally wiped so excited l haven't eaten properly for 2 days just felt sick l was that
Nite nite sweet dreams all xx


  1. Congrats...Yipee...Stunning

    What a charmer. Love all the windows here at first look. Can't wait to see more and more and more as you unpack all your goodies. Show us all and very slowly, so we can take it all in.

    Get a good night's sleep,

  2. YAY!!!! you are in ....had fingers crossed for you today!!!how many times have you pinched yourself today??? looks fab!! And a blank canvas, so lucky!! enjoy cannot wait to see more, congrats kazxx

  3. Yea, Suz! FINALLY! Is that a VW van full of hippies for your neighbors or is that yours?? Hee-hee.

    It's a lovely house. Can't wait to see it filled up with your beautiful things.

    Take a deep breath now and relax. You're home!

  4. At last! How excited you must have been:-) It looks so light, airy and spacious. I can't wait to see how everything transforms with all your lovely furniture and design ideas!

    Love the camper - is it yours? Have a relaxing evening now and I hope you can sleep:-)

  5. So happy for you..hope it brings many many years of happiness......
    Can't wait to see more photos...........
    Take care

  6. Congratulations! I can't wait to see what you do to make this house your home! Enjoy!

  7. Congratulations - what a fabulous canvas - can't wait to see what you do with it.

  8. So pleased that you are finally on the way in. Breathed a sigh of relief when I saw your post. Hope you will both be very happy in your new home

  9. THANKS ALL..just back and we are worn out lol..but happy