Friday 30 August 2019

Quite an eventful SUMMER....

A new version of my Carousel. 
Same part one, with a new tapestry stitch part 2, part 3 is the same pentagons, a new part 4 and part 5 edging stitch something a little different. 

An amazing new baby Grandson born the beginning of August has turned my life upside down. 

I was not expecting the emotional turmoil of becoming a Grandma for the first time. Oliver is now a month old and already trying to hold up his head doing mini push ups and looking around at the new world he has entered...growing so fast.

 Proud new Grandma Sue and gorgeous Oliver already around 10lbs in weight and growing so, so fast.
His beautiful and proud Mommy couldn't be a better dil, a gold star of a young lady.
My son has found his calling..the best Daddy in the world, hard to get a look in when he's around lol.
 Love them all to bits xx

A fabulous holiday in The Isle of Wight, never been before but we fell in Love with the place 
 well!  where else would you crochet on holiday but on a fabulous beach? 

 The Bedford Hotel, very central, wonderful owners and staff, fabulous breakfasts and we've booked again for next year before we left


New workshop in 2 weeks...unexpectedly there are 2 places available contact me on Facebook if you are interested in 2 weeks time 13,14,15th September 
great goody bag all patterns and yarns and meals provided

LINK TO CONTACT for Sue Pinner and workshop info. join and ask for details