Monday 22 November 2010


I was leaving the bedrooms until after Christmas!
l was looking for a bed!
l was going to do other things this morning
and Phil HATES ME when l do this hehehehe
I WAS INSPIRED....oh dear poor Phil..a row ensued but l didn't actually ask him to do anything l was just excitedly telling him what l thought was a brilliantly inspired idea to make a single bed and use a couple of Ikea chests l wasn't keen on without wasting them l do hehe
2 hours later l have the makings of a pretty single bedroom with lots of storage...
it all started when l saw a bed made from a couple of Ikea storage unit on line...and we have lots of Ikea storage here to play with single storage bed started life like this....
measuring the unit to the base of a cross piece...20" l took a nice shiny saw and cut it into 2 pieces
so now l had this...
and a pile of saw dust on the carpet lol
pushed then together in the corner they looked like this...
so l cut the second chest into 2 pieces too....
the beginning of a single storage bed?
the width is perfect for a single mattress but it need a shelf 8" x 37" and 2 pieces of wood on top on the wall halves to make the base complete
and we will have a single bed for nothing
l love freebies hehehe..especially with double uses
storage and a bed!!!
and so much storage space
hoovered up and then had a play....just to see what it will look like when we get a mattress and decorate the room...

just need a mattress now
with all the under bed storage and this room already having a small wardrobe
decided to add a dressing table and nothing else

adding a few shelves to the nook for a TV and nick knacks....

TV socket here which decided the bed position
added a few appropriate words above the window
new  door handles and glass knob to the wardrobe
gloss paint on the doors and skirting
sorry hun....
promise not to go off on one too often...hehehe
l'm happy though with my mornings work! lol
Hugs all xx


  1. It is gorgeous, how inspiring! I think it is a great idea. What about the gap on the side? Did you find the piece of woo/plywood you needed? Oh I need my brain to function right so I can actually make things look this pretty when I decorate!

  2. It's a lovely room. Very cosy.

  3. Nice. You are one high energy gal!!!

  4. Do you ever rest??? I think your brain pops into over drive - you certainly are a brilliantly creative girl!!!

  5. You never cease to amazing. What a fun idea. Love the color too, of course

    Yes, I'm cheating and should be in the kitchen prepping for the feast.

    But, I missed being here in blogland all day.

  6. thanks all...high energy not sure about that one manic maybe hehehehe
    Pop bottle going off...Phil thinks hehehe
    Hugs All where's that saw!! hahahaha

  7. i've hidden the saw i'm on nights
    go shopping or something...

  8. mmm now that's an offer a girl can't refuse hehe hugs sweet dreams Phil x

  9. I never know what I will find when I come to your blog! Your idea is brilliant and it works really well. I would never have thought of that.

  10. Bona (via Ikea Hacker)30 November 2010 at 09:35

    Looks great. But there doesn't seem to be much ventilation between the mattress and the bed frame. Human body produces lots of sweat during night and if the mattress doesn't dry fast, there's going to be mould and other icky stuff in the mattress and the bed structure.

  11. Just came across this. What a brilliant idea! Mum would love one of these for her spare room! What do you mean by an 8X37" shelf? Where does that need to go? Then do you just put another piece of wood to cover the gap that's at the top? I love this idea!

  12. Elverson l'll mail you more picture info if you allow me blog access or mail me again with your addy
    The shelf goes at the bottom and really needs to be a little bigger and the covers are for the lower cut halves of the drawer unit that have no tops

  13. Suz--found this post via Ikeahackers and can't get enough of it!! This is actually EXACTLY the type of thing I was looking to do in my tiny manhattan bedroom. I was just wondering if you could talk a little bit more about how you finished the end of it so that you could fit a regular sized twin mattress. I was thinking of doing a "less construction heavy" version and just use two of the long 6 drawer MALM dressers one behind the other.

    Basically my question is, I know that the dressers alone would only be about 63" long, but a twin mattress is about 72" so how did you support the extra inches?

    Thanks for your help, this is SUCH a great idea and I think would be PERFECT for my time 6x7 bedroom!!

  14. Hi YourSheid
    I'm answering you here as you don't allowing mail access on your need to change your settings
    We extended the malm units with a small book case in MDF to take the required mattress
    I'll take a picture later and add it to this post, l miss calculated the actual size so ours is an inch or so sort but doesn't stop the mattress being supported and very just need to make one the required size, say 10 or 11 inches
    good luck