Monday 15 November 2010


After sleeping on the book cases..not literally you understand hehe we decided that the line up should be changed....
a 40...80...40...80...40cm 
so another trip (but l don't know when) is on the agenda
so the bedroom line up can't be sorted until l have the full run at the moment it looks short and stumpy hehe
the shelves are slowly filling with all the white spine books every time we go up stairs we take a pile
added a few more possible top decoration items....but still debating on what will stay and what will go a slow development and lots of questions...
do l keep it all white glass and metal?...
do l add the lime green?...
cover it in picture only?... 
add nick nacks?... 
or all glass items with lots of night lighs for atmosphere?
right now it's a bit of mixture until l decide..
and too much of all one height not visual interesting
not liking the green bowl at all so the lime might be out!! lol
loving these display groupings...
real simple
love this LAURA ASHLEY wallpapered cabinet interior 
and this is fabulous love the bird wallpaper 
SONG BIRD has used to paper this old cabinet..fabulous
and more glass...
great way to display vintage glass and old photos...Apartment Therapy article
and these blue bottles from GRAHAM AND GREEN
love this unit from Ikea...and the all white display on top...
IKEA PS SINKA...mmmm now where is my white spray enamel paint?

 l could go all blue?...

or red for Christmas...
or this soft green and white...
l'd have to find more cut glass candle sticks the ones in this picture blew up the other day candles burnt down into the holder...bit of a shock

Lots of fun to be had playing and deciding on the eventual look of the bedroom bookcases

Sun shining here hope it is where you are too
Hugs All have a marvellous Monday xx


  1. Hi Suz, I still love the lime and white but agree the bowl is wrong, too heavy compared to your other stuff. Blue/white and soft green/white are also great, have fun rearranging etc and will look forward to final result. Frost and sun here, very chilly,have a great day.

  2. Thanks Jenny...have a great day and yep a frost here too but lovly and sunny through the bedroom window hehe..must get up though tummy is growling at me hehe
    Hugs Suz x

  3. This is incredible - to follow your redecoration process and since I'm a huge fan of ikea too - it's nice to see your ideas on how you use their furniture and acsessories. Your house looks so light and lovely. You have such a talent organizing things!
    Also thanks for showing the birdie cabinet - as a birdwatcher - I'm green with envy and my head started to explode with ideas!

  4. Suz - how about lining the backs of the low bookcases with some beautiful paper, gift wrap, fabric, or wallpaper? Or a plain solid color paper would make the objects pop!

  5. Thanks all...Anonymous...did think about it but when all the books are in the case you won't be able to see much of the back of the book case so not worth ll the effort and mess but a great idea hugs all x

  6. 2 beautiful cabinets,it all looks beautiful :)
    greetings from the Netherlands

  7. Thanks Shanti..and welcome to my blog x